Unscheduled reboots/crashes and unsure how to diagnose issues without trends/patterns

No memtest in grub?

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No its there I forgot you have to reboot to get to that lool
Trying it now

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disable this with the garuda assistant under system components


Will turn off bluetooth after memtest and see what the highest uptime I can achieve.

Is a memtest supposed to take longer than 30 min? No errors yet, but I'm nervous why it's taking so long lol

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memtest is slow.... no worries.


The first things to test are a bios update and different kernels.

Here's some more troubleshooting ideas for you:


I let memtest run for a little over 10 hours. 4 passes and 0 errors reported. I think this is good enough for now. I will run longer if necessary though

I am moving on to bios troubleshooting. I cannot lie, I have very little experience with this and will probably be moving a little slow so as to not make more problems, because occasional crash is much better than more reinstalls lol

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Are there updates for your 2017 BIOS?

BIOS updates tend to fix/repair/reset a myriad of hardware issues.

That is why they exist.


I assumed bios updates weren't an issue because I was using Windows on this machine until January of this year and I figured Windows was updating it for me. :clown_face:

I've been trying to reboot into my bios, but now I don't get a post at all lol my monitor powers on but nothing else...

Yeah I'm at a new stage of troubleshooting I guess. My new goal is to get pretty much anything but a blank screen to show up on power up. I'm also leaning towards just reinstalling windows if I can't get a post soon

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I booted into the bios setup interface but did not find any options for updates at all. So I'm currently on the search for how to update a 2017 BIOS from Asrock but not really finding any info worth trying.

I did finally get my monitor to post by unplugging/replugging the power to the display monitor but I have broken more things. The bottom drawer of apps is gone and the windows key doesn't activate anything now lol I think that was the latte-dock.

Krunner opens with alt+F2 so I guess I'll use that instead for the time being.

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(How to Update)

Each problem needs own thread, but if you search in forum you will find solutions for missing latte dock and how to fix the M$ button to open the app launcher.


Every BIOS manufacturer seems to have a different means of accessing and updating. @SGS has just shown you a valuable tool. If it were me, I'd run with it. :wink:


I have to go into work early on fridays so I'm already late, but I will be firing the cannons on both of these recs soon I promise. THank you for the legwork friend, I am silly and thought asrock would be all proprietary no disclosure/help type


And I could be all wrong. It may not be the BIOS. But I learned one troubleshooting tool in the 50 years since I became a journeyman electrician. Go to where it stops and where it starts; the problem lies somewhere in between. That has never failed me. Your machine is new enough that a BIOS update would be in my first list of candidates. By the process of elimination, we can solve anything solvable. (Or so they told me.)

I was also a journeyman plumber but I'd rather forget those days. Shit runs downhill, payday is Friday. And never chew your fingernails. They forgot to tell me that last one. I suspect it was for a reason.


It seems I was correct and asrock is as useless as I thought. I followed both procedures to update bios but was rife with failure at every attempt. No matter what I tried, I ended up stuck at the Instant flash step with the error message 'No image file detected.' Seems this is my sad trip to the store to buy another windows usb stick....

I do appreciate everyone's help though :nerd_face:

Proof that I had the files on the correctly fat32 formatted USB both extracted and unextracted but same error occured no matter what USB port I used:


Are you sure you are not supposed to unzip that file first? What format is it expecting to find? What did the "How To Update" say to do? What were the specific instructions?


You did not follow the instructions. Extract (unzip) the file, etc.

### Method 1:

1. Please extract the zip file after downloading the BIOS rom file from ASRock website.
2. Save the BIOS files on a FAT32 formatted USB disk.
3. Press [F2] during POST to get into BIOS setup menu.
4. Select the Instant Flash utility under [Tool] menu to execute it.

The image posted in my last reply was my way of showing I included the extracted (unzipped) file named 'AB35HDV6.20'

To be specific, I tried both F2 and F6 methods listed in asrock link as well.

IMHO, apart from not letting the PC unattended, there is only one path.
Journal logs.
Look for signs of sleep or suspend and similar.
When sleep or suspend starts and when it is reached.
There is not an only one thing to look for, as a clue to the actual problem. If you need assistance, post the relevant logs.
If the filtered logs are not enough, we may ask you to post more, or a full boot log.

It will help you, if you read man journalctl and/or the relevant Archwiki page, for tips and best methods for searching/troubleshooting.


Please do not post screenshots of terminal output. Terminal output needs to be shared in the forum as text only.

Please edit your post, delete the screenshots, and add the terminal output as text. If you need to, use the paste bin linked in the top right of any page.


So I've been screenshotting all my logs which I'm learning was for naught because I can't post them lol
So my new plan is to (once again) fresh reinstall diced kde to get latte-dock to function again because I couldn't find anything in the forums to fix my super m$ key launcher issue. With this new install, I'll make sure to track my crashes via other means then .pngs. I haven't found a convenient way of doing this yet, and I doubt much of anything can beat a single keypress of PrtSc. :cry:

About how many lines would you all say are necessary for tracking purposes? I'm guessing the previous 100 lines before every crash should be enough, right? I guess I'll just copy paste those lines into separate .txt files. This thread will probably be pretty dead for awhile, is it ok if I necrobump this thread when I have a decent number of logs? Or should I start a new thread since it will be a new install? I have only had negative progress since my initial post as well lol