Troubleshooting System Stutter, Lags, Freezes, and Hangs

Test various kernel parameters:

Many times the surest fix to correcting an issue that creates an unresponsive system involves the kernel. If changing the kernel itself does not fix your issue, there is a fairly good chance that changing some of the kernel parameters loaded at boot time could help. Garuda uses grub as its boot loader. Kernel parameters can be set temporarily by editing the boot entry at the grub boot selection menu. Kernel parameters can be set permanently by editing grub’s configuration file at /etc/default/grub. Be sure to make a backup before editing the grub configuration file.

There are many kernel parameters and only a select few may possibly help correct issues with system crashes on your particular hardware. Unfortunately, many kernel parameters are specific to only a certain type of hardware and there is no reference database to locate exactly which kernel parameter(s) may be required for your hardware. Generally, it is very hard to recommend exactly which kernel parameters to test as there are so many parameters and multitudes of varied hardware. It usually requires a lot of searching and trial and error to find parameters that may help with your issue.

Try using variations of search terms similar to below to locate pertinent info:

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