Troubleshooting System Stutter, Lags, Freezes, and Hangs

Feedback you should provide:

There are numerous threads on the forum dealing with freezing issues with many different suggestions posted on how to hopefully correct the issue. Please search the forum and report in detail on every fix you attempt and post relevant logs and command outputs. To troubleshoot any issue effectively forum assistants must know all the troubleshooting steps that have been tested to have any chance of finding a solution. Threads already covering this topic on the forum should provide plenty of information on the steps you need to take to troubleshoot this issue.

If a thorough search of the Garuda forum doesn't turn up a solution, then searching other Arch based forums is usually the next step. If you can't turn up what you need on the Arch derivative distro foras then throw a wider net with an internet wide search.

Freezing Questionnaire/Checklist:

Have you posted the output of the garuda-inxi command?

Have you provided a full history of fixes attempted?

Have you checked for errors/segfaults/crash dumps, and posted your logs?

Have you given at least 3 alternate kernels a test out? which ones?

Have you fully updated your system?

Is your BIOS up to date?

Have you checked your resource usage with htop, iotop, etc?

Are you getting close to maxing out your ram at any time?

Have you checked your system temperatures?

Did this issue start recently after an update?

If this started recently, have you tried performing a rollback via a snapshot?

Can you recall making any config changes about when this issue began?

Have you tried disabling the baloo file indexer temporarily?

Have you tried disabling all network adapters temporarily?

Have you tried disabling hardware acceleration in your browser?

Have you tried disabling BTRFS Quotas (qgroups)?

Have you run a BTRFS balancing operation?

If you press the CAPS or NUMLOCK key, does your KB state light change?

Is your CAPS or NUMLOCK LED blinking? (kernel panic indicator)

Can you move your mouse cursor?

Can you move your mouse cursor, but clicking has no effect?

Do you have full keyboard functionality?

Is this a complete freeze up with no keyboard or mouse responsiveness?

Does pressing CTRL+T open a terminal?

Does pressing CTRL+ALT+F2 get you to a TTY?

Have you tried restarting your system from the terminal or TTY?

Have you tried to remote in from another computer via ssh?

Have you tried to ping your machine from another computer?

Can you use the Magic SysRq key to restart/shutdown?

Have you tried restarting (KDE) plasmashell or kwin from the terminal?

Is there a specific program or action that often triggers a freeze?

How many applications are generally running when the freezing occurs?

Are the freezes completely random?

Is their any pattern to the freezes?

How often do the freezes usually occur?

How long have these freezes been happening on this install?

Do the freezes seem to be getting more frequent over time?

What is your longest time without a freeze?

Do freezes only happen while doing something CPU intensive?

Do the freezes happen even if the system is completely idle?

If a freeze does occur, does it resolve on its own if you wait a long time?

Have you tried both the proprietary and free Nvidia drivers, (if present)?

Have you tried changing your compositor settings?

Have you tried disabling your compositor entirely?

Have you followed all the steps in the hardware troubleshooting tutorial?

Have you followed all the steps in the software troubleshooting tutorial?

Have you tried removing all plasma widgets (plasmoids) you've installed?

Have you tried removing all Gnome extensions you've installed?

Have you used Garuda Assistant to reset your default config?

Have you tried Installing linux-firmware-git , and rebooting?

Have you made any overclocking/undervolting or similar modifications?

Do you use full disk encryption?

Do you use a swap partition?

Have you installed multiple Desktop Environments or WM's together?

Are you running Garuda in a Virtual Machine?

Do you have only 4GB of RAM (or less) with shared video?

Does your electrical grid experience power fluctuations?

Is your home wiring very old, do your lights flicker?

Have you installed any extra apps (which) from the AUR/Chaotic repos?

Have you fully updated all apps from the AUR/Chaotic repos?

Have you experienced similar issues with this hardware on other OS's?

Did, (or does) freezing also occur on Windows?

Did, (or does) freezing also occur on other Linux distros?

Have you booted live disks of other Garuda DE's or other distros?

Does freezing also occur in live environments, (which ones)?

Does freezing also occur if you create a new user account?

Does the system get progressively slower before freezing?

Has your computer ever shut off on its own, without you initiating ?

Does sound continue playing, or loop during a freeze?

Are you using tlp ? if so, disable or uninstall it temporarily.

If your computer has a disk activity LED, is it blinking during the freeze?

Please answer as many of the above questions as possible. We need to have a complete picture in order to help resolve your issue. You can copy the above list of questions in its entirety into any help request you open on this subject. Below each question provide an answer as best you can to each question on the checklist of queries.