Issues with BTRFS - unexpected unmounting of ROOT

It was an issue since the first boot after installation. I hoped some pacman -Syu could fix it :pensive:

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Ah that sucks then. Could be hardware related like potentially bad ram? I assume this is the first time you had the problem though and that you have been on other Linux distributions before this as opposed to Windows? Only suggestion I can make though is to type update in terminal as this is a custom script to make updating easier and better than the default method in Arch.

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And just incase it's some weird config causing it, you could open Garuda assistant and try resetting some configs or even select the reinstall all packages option. Sounds like you got some experimenting to do before you narrow down the cause!

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My RAM is just one year old and runs without issues on other distros and Win10Pro.
I don't think there is any HW issue and I also deactivated any OC settings (like PBO in BIOS).
I'm currently dual-booting to Win10Pro and have no issues there. (even OCed).

Well it might not sound very technical but my belly tells me there is something minor which I've simply overlooked. You know one of those cases where you're facepalming after getting the idea or the reason :rofl:

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I thought about it. I'm not sure if it bricks my config. Especially b/c of DaVinci Resolve. :thinking:

But an interesting option. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Well if it's not a default installation with some custom configs then that could definitely be a potential cause of issues. But yeah maybe best to leave that until later as no-one likes messing with their configs all over again

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Did you try an a different kernel btw like LTS?

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Ahh, nothing special otoh. Just getting the AMDPRo drivers for unleashing all the OpenCL capabilities of the card. (re: DaVinci Resolve with ArchLinux) But I had the issue before that. Hence I doubt it would be the reason.
I'm using the dr460nized KDE the first Distro where I didn't had the feeling of customizing ngl xD

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yep - no difference.
And if I recall it correctly there was a kernel update one or two days ago. Which didn't made a difference as well.

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Eh...did you try maybe installing MacOS?:joy:

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Hell no! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Anyway @BluishHumility is writing an essay it seems so I'm sure he'll be able to help better than me haha

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Yeah I just recognized that I could see ppl typing.
I'm curious ^^

But I also enjoy your company :smile:

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You would be the first :joy:

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I wouldn't rule out hardware.

Did you build the machine yourself?

Are there any old or well-used components in the build?

It might be good to start working through TBG's checklist to see if you can put together more troubleshooting info to comb through: Troubleshooting System Stutter, Lags, Freezes, and Hangs - #11 by tbg

Here is a bit more material to plough through at your leisure: Troubleshooting System Stutter, Lags, Freezes, and Hangs

:rofl: This is a relatively tame contribution from me I'm afraid; TBG wrote the essay.


Might be worth also considering what makes Garuda unique which could also cause issues for some in rare cases. Like could nohang potentially be misbehaving?

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Your description of your problem with the filesystem randomly unmounting and crashes happening irrespective of work load reminds me of issues I had with failing hard drives or bad SATA cables.


Now that I look at it, I see Crucial released a firmware update for the drive that is giving you trouble: MX500 SSD firmware & support |

These are the fixes cited with this firmware update:

  • Fixed SATA protocol error that causes start-up failure on certain data center RAID systems
  • Improved boot time after unexpected power loss
  • Fixed Read DMA command abort after an interrupted Secure Erase

Obviously there is no Linux support for the firmware update because people suck. Since you have Windows on a separate drive though, you might be able to use your Windows system to administer the firmware update. :man_shrugging:

You'll have to read through the literature and figure out if this update applies to your device in the first place of course. And don't forget to back up your data!


WOAAAAAAAHHH!!!! @BluishHumility you're taking the cake.

That's exactly that kind of nasty and actually small type of issue I already had expected and talked about with @Grimy1928 yesterday! THANK YOU !!!

Additional info:
I had the issue even with no NVME plugged in means no Windows under the hood.
I also have just checked my BIOS settings. Everything like FastBoot or even TPM is disabled. And killed it in Windows as well ofc.

Ok then I'm pretty sure and feel a ton better. I've planned to kill my Win10 for Garuda anyways, so the HW issue you mentioned doesn't actually affect me. But it literally smeared my test and first experience with Garuda. And killed my Win10Home on my laptop. I tried to add an Garuda to my laptop (the CX500SSD is from my ASUS laptop) for a first peak. After a failed partitioning process the data was lost. So I took the SSD to my production machine for a plain Garuda install.
Means I know the reason for both issues then.

You guys are awesome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

have a good one o/


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