Nvidia-all - Frogging-Family drivers (guide - installation)

So many times we talked about this... Garuda tried add nvidia-tkg into the chaotic-aur, but results was terrible, me too faced issues, BUT if you install nvidia-all manually it's much better!

nvidia-all can bring significantly more performance!

There is a guide how to install nvidia-all

  1. git clone https://github.com/Frogging-Family/nvidia-all.git
  2. cd nvidia-all
  3. makepkg -si

Installer will run, you will see this:

       .---.`               `.---.
    `/syhhhyso-           -osyhhhys/`

What driver version do you want?
  1.Vulkan dev: 455.50.14
  2.465 series: 465.27
  3.460 series: 460.73.01
  4.455 series: 455.45.01
  5.450 series: 450.119.03
  6.440 series: 440.100 (kernel 5.8 or lower)
  7.435 series: 435.21  (kernel 5.6 or lower)
  8.430 series: 430.64  (kernel 5.5 or lower)
  9.418 series: 418.113 (kernel 5.5 or lower)
  10.415 series: 415.27  (kernel 5.4 or lower)
  11.410 series: 410.104 (kernel 5.5 or lower)
  12.396 series: 396.54  (kernel 5.3 or lower, 5.1 or lower recommended)
  13.Custom version (396.xx series or higher)
choice[1-13?]: 2

Build the dkms package or the regular one?
1.dkms (recommended)
choice[1-2?]: 1

  1. I used latest drivers.
  2. I used dkms (Why? If you have dkms, you can switch kernels).

Hit enter, just install everything what's installer want it.
When installation is completed, use following commands.

sudo mkinitcpio -P
sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

How to update nvidia-all? Just repeat process again. (Yes, it mean delete nvidia-all folder, use git clone command and everything again)


Does this work with optimus-manager? I can't boot into GUI without optimus-manager, but I also can't switch to nvidia with optimus-manager. Very confusing.

Edit: Bit the bullet and tested it. It's working! I don't recall it asking for which driver to install, just my password. But it's working for now, so I'm happy. Will there be an option to add a hook to update minitcpio and update grub automatically when kernels or thenvidia drivers are updated?

Yes, there is a way to add it, but I prefer do manually, you will 100% know everything is (re)-generated.

But, if you want to use hooks, there are links to Arch Wiki.
pacman - ArchWiki and mkinitcpio - ArchWiki

What about performance? Do you feel it better?

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Well... I couldn't even get to use nvidia with the garuda tools, so yes, much better. :smiley:

Just tried playing Wildlands and gave me good fps. Guild Wars 2 wasn't very good, but I reckon that's because of the version of wine I was using. The whole system seems snappy.

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Wow, that looks amazing I guess.
I'm pretty happy with the Garuda out-of-the-box for my old 750ti for now and I'm worried to mess it up if I do anything... xDD
But I hope this solves other major problems for everyone else (and me if anything). Thanks for the tip, Soong!! =3

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And very easy... I usually scared with things from Frog community or Arch Linux world... but I recommend start with that, you'll get more experience... I think about transition to pure Arch Linux now.

With the Spotty Eagle update i was having issues with the Nvidia driver installing with the latest Kernel not sure why or what the issues were but i ran this before doing the update and the issue was solved. I choose #2 from the menu you showed 465. IDK if missing vulkan would be a problem or not but if so it looks like it is really easy to just switch it out :). I even made a quick sh file to run to update the driver when needed.

rmdir nvidia-all
git clone https://github.com/Frogging-Family/nvidia-all.git
cd nvidia-all
makepkg -si
sudo mkinitcpio -P
sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg
cd ..


How do you remove the installed packages and configs specific to nvidia-all if you wanna reinstall or try something from outside nvidia-all?

Good question. I am not sure. The stock installed drivers were removed it seems after i did the commands from this post. I do not know if that means they were uninstalled or what. i am not very familiar with arch stuff yet just starting out myself :slight_smile:

How to remove package? Just use pacman, if you don't know how to use pacman, read Arch Wiki.

Well thats a dumb and unhelpful response. FYI I already uninstalled the vulkan drivers I originally installed from nvidia-all. However I do not know if there were any remnants left in my system. I admit my original post wasn't super specific so I will edit that as well.

Anyways nvidia-all installs a bunch of packages along with custom configs. I wanna be able to remove everything and start from scratch and best way to do that would be something provided by the author. I was hoping I to find something because I coudln't see anything on their github. Now this very well is a side effect of my windows days because on windows there was a specific utility that you run when uninstalling the nvidia drivers because graphics drivers on windows are notorious for not uninstalling cleanly.


"The packages that you need to remove are nvidia and nvidia-utils. If you receive such dependency warnings, you can force removal with pacman -Rd nvidia nvidia-utils. You can then install xf86-video-nouveau and nouveau-dri if you want."

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