Freezes on boot after installing propriatary nvida GPU drivers

Could be you must wait, seems your hardware is really fresh and not in the kernels, but IDK for sure.

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try updating your graphics drivers the latest nvidia drivers 465.31


This is from my new build, which only shares the same GPU as my old build. My old build had pretty outdated components, namely still a DDR3 motherboard. I had the exact same issue there.

Doesn't it give me the latest by default?

I dont no you are on pop os


Could this be useful?


I use popOS now since it is the only non-arch distro i would use. This issue is not on popOS. Garuda used pacman, so it should still give me the latest GPU drivers, and my point is that this didn't help.

Worth a try.

Another thing you could try is unplug the DVI monitor and see how boot goes

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Did that. Made no difference.

Have you searched online for or tested any different grub kernel boot parameters. There are many different ones you could try that may help. I don't use nvidia, so I'm not the one to ask for ones that may be of worth testing.


Grub boot parameters is beyond me. Only a last resort.

Well if you've tested many different Arch based distros and they all have the same issues you're going to have to get your hands dirty if you want your issue resolved.

Most users won't have the exact same hardware as you, so you will need to experiment for yourself. No one that doesn't have the identical hardware as you can predict what will work. It is a matter of trial and error. Research and experimentation is the way to find a solution to any issue.

Good luck.


Have a look in your var/log/boot.log it might give you a clue where it is freezing


Didn't work. Messing more with grub boot isn't worth it for me, so i can wait until i get a new GPU for garuda. Unless someone comes with something else of course.

I have a different GPU, but I had the same issue with plymouth. I ended up uninstalling it and replacing it with plymouth-git. Since then it has been working properly.


Since you are running a fixed-release distro you have a stable and well-tested version of the driver and also Plymouth. That's what challenging in a rolling distro. We are the users who use the latest versions, report bugs and help making them fixed and stable by the time the fixed-release distros get the updates.

You can try booting by removing quiet and splash from kernel parameters in the GRUB screen. To edit kernel parameter, press E in the GRUB menu.

Also report the bugs to the respective packages if they aren't reported yet :blush:


I can try that.

Holy effing shit! If I really wanted to run Arch-based distros and someone handed me a gimme like that, I think I'd quit begging and learn about it. You can read, can't you?

Maybe you better stick with Popcorn_OS.


Such a helpful comment. Maybe stick to staying quiet instead? Not everybody has the time to keep reading the wikis, which may or may not be of help in this situation. There is so much bullshit info going around and troubleshooting issues isn't straightforward because of the reasons mentioned earlier on this post.

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