I think my garuda linux is corrupted fully

here i'm again with a issue , my system is really fscked this time
nothing is working properly terminal is not working it opens but i cant type a thing in it , wallpaper gone , when i open my pc and enter password there always a error and terminal open , setup garuda assitance not working , there is no minimize ,close ,maximize button on any application so i cant even close any application after oprning it. At the end i wanna say that system is totally fscked
so suggest me should i reinstall it or there is a way to recovery my linux

What did you do before this mess started?
If it was due to an update or installation of one or more packages, before reinstalling you could try a least reinstalling the latest working snapshot:

This does not cover your configuration in the home directory. For them you should have backups.
There might be other things to try, like switching or booting to a tty and try to garuda-update or other stuff.
Maybe trying something could be a learning exercise, even when the situation is compromised.

Anyway, some of the error messages reported in your other topic are a bit concerning, like not being able to find (not install) a well-known nvidia package or dkms not installed...

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i really didn't do any thing ,when i power on my system its already like this .

yes its my system info

This might be a symptom of hw problems.
You could consider this tutorial.

Anyway, for the errors given in the other thread, it could be a sw mess anyway.
If you can boot or switch to a tty, you could try reinstalling all packages with

update remote fullfix

now its working but still the same problem are there can'y close any application after opening it because there is no close button , wallpaper gone and other

You could try with Garuda Assistant and reset everything to default

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You could try to apply another global theme in the system settings. Or change to another window decoration and check if the buttons are back.

Unfortunately this is xfce (and I have no experience with it).
If the reset doesn't work, give a look here:
Check also chapter 3.4.
But I'm sure an xfce user will help you better soon :wink:

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UUPS, sorry, I didn't consider that.

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What is the error?

The information we have so far is a little scattered. Try to be more specific about what is happening. "Nothing is working properly" sounds bad, but it is not specific enough to be meaningful.

Try making a new user on the system and log in as the new user to see if their environment is also broken.


dont need any more after update remote fullfix and change snapshot and 3 time restart it working like new
all issue are fixed . thankx to you and your team


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