Off Topic Chit Chat - (Silliness factor 5)

My problems are with typos in my git commit messages that I do most of the time :roll_eyes:
And after that I feel like :

Over It Abandon Thread GIF


Now I don’t do these things because I read my commit messages 5or 6 times and use a separate branch for MR and if that also doesn’t work then only these are left over options that I use :

git commit --amend -m "COrrect message"

or something too much bad then

git reset --soft HEAD~2 #or something like 3 or 4 

then f** the branch with

git push -u -f origin <branch>

You know assembly isn’t all that bad. :eyes: I think it might be growing on me a little. Don’t know if it’s stockholm syndrome or something since I do end up core dumping or triggering oomd a few times with simple hello world programs each day. I guess only god knows what my new little hobby is about to do to my system :joy:.


My wife’s “first language” was Assembly. It’s a good foundation to build upon. :slight_smile:


Now people are moving towards fancy languages like C++,C#, Python and here you are doing romance with C and now assembly language !! You are something different :laughing:


I guess I am a little bit of a boomer in certain aspects. :joy: I even learnt how to drive on a classic column shifter premier padmini. :wink:


Interesting Indeed, I know you are a car lover and also loves to explore in low level languages, I would like to see how your personality would be after some years :smile:

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DAAAMMMN! Me and my dad love Premier and Ambassador :heart_eyes:
I’ve never had oppurutnity to sit in one but he did, and is proud and keeps boasting about it! :joy:

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Nah. He’ll end up a bald, toothless, friendless, embittered old man who knows way too much useless information–like me.




:drooling_face: Too broke to exist in this world…
Any y’all with some advice on actually getting online gigs. Fiverr and Upwork are not going great. That crytocurrency website, seems to be full of scammers [laborx]**…

Just a tip or two will be great… from y’all personal lives…
P.s [I assume I have skills…at least in my imagination]

I would so much like an update on the scripts and your setup, with the bar at the far left, animated bg’s etc.!

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Left bar is maintainer use, not in the ISO.
Animated backgrounds you can add your self

in the next release ISO it was opt-in, IIRC :slight_smile:

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About the next iso! :sweat_smile:
I hope to be a part of team and help out scripting new things i found out via distro hopping, tested all kinds of configurations…

Πώς πάει; Καλά. :slight_smile:

To be on the team, you should have no social contacts, be single and have no children. Spend your free time, i.e. 24/7, solely with Linux. :smiley:

Besides, it’s like love, so test those who commit themselves forever.

It is easy to make yourself useful in the Garuda community, being part of the team is a little more complicated.
I hope there was no translation or communication problem here. :slight_smile:


Ολα καλά! :sweat_smile::grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve figured that much :wink:

Not part of “the” team, at least tamper with hyprland scripts…

I’ll start and try my best! :grin:


Are you sure you don’t mean “social skills”. :rofl:


for you :

It is just a small thing :slightly_smiling_face: , Just copy and paste it .

Which kind of update, what is broken ?? :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, can see it in gitlab , well done you all garuda team :slightly_smiling_face:


Nope, nothing so far!

For added funcitonality, clipboard history, emoji picker, extra waybar scripts and more. :wink:

you might want to check the issues :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

See waybar tray, you will find copyQ named thing :wink:

That actually cost me some extra amount of time, I don’t want to put in it , I would be happy if someone like to make some themes. But I am still on this

another problem for me and for SGS(main maintainer) is that if we keep adding more stuffs then it sometimes creates problem in building ISOs, I remember in past also same kind of problem happened with some of the stuffs because of which we try to keep only necessary things and expect other things to be tweaked by users itself according to their taste, I not saying that your Idea is not good but sometimes blindly adding packages can do some weird things :sweat_smile: :slightly_smiling_face:

Example just terminates the ISO building process because that specific package can’t be get installed :slightly_smiling_face:

And yeah those bloat screamers :no_mouth:


I know, i want to call it via binding with bind / bindr etc, plus make it so that not only places the keyboard, but replaces the user option of e.g. added another language, plus replace the Europe/Berlin of @SGS with the one the user selected upon installation and more.