Off Topic Chit Chat - (Silliness factor 5)

your video + @BluishHumility 's explanation make much more sense. :joy: I thought it was a useless feature, but y’all made it clear why it has some importance.


Since y’all keep solving my stupid questions… I have a new one today. There is a SIM card slot on my laptop that I can’t seem to make work. Anyone with a sim card slot that figured how?

The sentence below is to at least make me not have imposter syndrome..

mmcli, & modemmangers don’t detect it. ls, lsusb-thinks there is something

First thing, by reading I am loosing my consciousness :dizzy_face:
How can a laptop have a sim card slot ??
Is there any logic ?
I have a SD card slot but dude what is the use of sim card slot ??? :exploding_head:

Okay, enough stupidity , you need to just whoogle it :wink:
you can find some things to try like this :

And please instead of asking things in OT thread, open a separate thread, so that others can also follow it in future :wink:


BTW, my phone has a sim card slot, and I wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t there :smiling_face_with_tear:
After all, there’s only one loyal friend who calls! :rofl:
Also the SD-card slot is a waste (for me)

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Yes , there is a sim slot… at least for Hp’s and Thinkpads with drivers available e.g this vid Link To Install Sim Drivers HP (windows)
For LInux though, it is not as straight forward…

…Sorry for not creating an issue for it,
…I would not know how to phrase it, or whether an inxi would be necessary
P.s There are some people who have had the same question as me on stack exchange (its an unswered)
–your link actually led me to what I have actually tried, messing around with mmcli, but everything still new and confusing.

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:joy: :joy:, sorry I also don’t know how to function socially. My sim card as useless as yours

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I am very calm and confident behind a keyboard, but when it comes to real talking or meeting IRL, I enter panic mode!

I’m also confident and (sometimes) calm behind a keyboard. I would rather talk on the phone or meet IRL than texts or through “social” applications, i.e. facebook, twitter, etc.

I’m old-school. I want to meet you, shake your hand, look you in the eye.

Barring that, strong Linux skills and a quirky sense of humor will have to suffice. :wink: :smiley:


I wasn’t like this before!
It’s the lockdown years that changed me. Maybe me being extremely paranoid about talking into mic even during school lectures turned me into this…

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I was also fearless once, but yeah lockdown have impact on me too. :slightly_smiling_face:


This text will be hidden

:joy:, girl literally was hitting on me yesterday… Didn’t even take her number, just came back home, (tried to fix my mail server that receives emails and can’t send emails) and posted :poop: in offtopic…


Fear is there to ensure self-preservation. If jumping off a 75ft cliff into 8ft of water no longer scares you, then I would be far more be concerned for you.


The cake is eaten.
But there will be many more to come. Once a Garuda, always Garuda, (ridden by Shrinivas Vishnu Kumbhar and SGS)!
Of course, everyone else involved is included, including the constructive forum users.


Is it wise to have more than one kernel installed?

  1. All updates have consequences for me, either the system will be slow or be drunk in a way

  2. I love cool names so , some name like XanMod makes me …eccstttaaatic

  3. If the comment in one happens there is always that one kernel that will save me tears.

So is it wise to have more than one kernel, is there a downside to it. I know for sure I have escaped multiple kernel panics by having many kernels…??

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Sure, if you do not dualboot, you need live ISO for chroot. With second or third kernel another rescue option in addition to snapshots.

You boot always with one kernel :slight_smile:


snapshots saved my life :sweat_smile:, right after I switched to Garuda… and I stayed here ever since.

whenever I see a linux-headers update, I know its time to switch the kernel since something won’t work :sweat_smile:


I JUST shifted to Xanmod because… come on! I was getting a whopping 1min 20secs boot time on something as light as Hyprland and xfce with Zen.
With cahyos-bore, it came down to 40secs.
With xanmod, it has come down to 30ish (sometimes 20 if I am lucky enough)
BUT Xanmod is a 6.6 kernel

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At a minimum, the LTS kernel is always recommended for a backup kernel.

The more kernels you add, the larger your updates size will be.
The more kernels you add, the longer your update/installation time will be.
This is not a big difference with only 2 kernels, but if you run a half dozen installed kernels, then this can have a very noticeable impact when updating.


You can try linux-nitrous kernel too :slightly_smiling_face:
Something that I am running on my system :grin:


:drooling_face:, I wish I could contribute something usefull to these open source projects… sucks that I have ADHD when it comes to code…

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