Nvidia tkg drivers - next way for better gaming?

Nvidia TKG drivers comes with custom patches to enhance kernel compatibility. I think Garuda should use that.

My friend use TKG nvidia drivers and he can play Cyberpunk 2077 with Arch Linux on RTX2060 mobile without issues. It could be worth it for other games and a performance boost. What do you think?
There is video with Cyberpunk 2077 on Arch Linux! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnriBTc5v20

Yes i think everyday and search how to improve performance on Linux for gaming. :smile:


well it isnt difficult to do that


I know, but Garuda is focus to simple gaming and performance, do you plan use tkg drivers? I know how to install tkg drivers, but for some users could be difficult.

well i was thinking to do that but wasnt sure with this move
okay we will do it for the iso refresh


Okay, i wish luck Garuda team! Frog community is very strong and there is a lot of advanced users who reporting bugs and bring new ideas.

All distros use normal nvidia drivers, but Arch distros is harder for non technical people. Only Manjaro is good for more people, but performance could be better. Well Garuda is simple, powerful and with TK-Glitch stuffs is more atractive for gamers and everyone who care about performance.

example: Open Broadcaster Software and Pop!_OS taked gamers community by the right way and now both is popular. Why? OBS and Pop!_OS is simple and powerfull.I think if Garuda do same thing it could be absolutle win.
Thank you for Garuda, keep going!


Do you have a link to the source of that (modified??) driver?


Yes, there it is https://github.com/chaotic-aur/nvidia-tkg


Thanks, very interesting!
But I would not include it too quickly. Maybe people can test and report more before integrating it.


It's could be good for test, but i think it will be fine. Garuda heart - i mean kernel, is the TKG kernel. If you spend enough time with Frog community you will trust more and more. What's Frog community do?
Arch repo packages + Frog (TK-Glitch) effort = More stable packges working with more features and next bring more optimizations, bug fixes for better performance.

kernel-tkg + nvidia-tkg is great combo how to be superior, better chance to runs games and more fps.

After this performance adjustments can be fix bugs to become distro more stable.


I'm not against it :slight_smile:
I will certainly try it out.


I would try it also. I am super impressed with Garuda. I think this might be just one more thing that would make people make the switch. I switched for this exact reason, simple install with high performance in an arch based system.


Hello :smiley:
I tried installing the TKG drivers from the Chaotic AUR repo and although my system was working no matter what I did to it (uninstalling and reinstalling all sorts of drivers) when I tried to revert to a previous image of the system using Timeshift the system wouldn't boot anymore.

So I am reinstalling Garuda on my laptop right now and I was wondering if there is a dev ISO with the TKG nvidia drivers or if someone could help me on how to install them properly because when I installed them (both the stable and dev versions of the TKG packages) any Proton game wouldn't work. Native games an emulators worked just fine but Proton games would just crash or freeze the system.

Any kind of help is appreciated and I will report how well they work. :smiley:

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Currently there isn't any iso with tkg drivers

But when it's ready can you test it ?


Of course I will test it! Just tell me and I'll install it ASAP. Is it gonna be next month or sooner? I'm asking just so I can set up my new installation accordingly. :smiley:


Well tomorrow I can create one iso


Oh wow perfect! :smiley:

Ok let me know and I will install it ASAP. I work till 6 pm Greek time (4pm UK time) so my report on how it works could be a little delayed but I will tell you as soon as I can. I'm gonna install Garuda LXQT till then and try to make TKG drivers work so I'll post if I can make them work and how I did it here too. :smiley:
Thank you so much for this!


iso available


Downloading it and trying it right now. Thank you so much! :smiley:

On LXQT, TKG dev drivers didn't work that well with Proton, the game would launch but nothing would appear on screen. I hope this works better. Will respond again as soon as I can. :smiley:


Ok, first of all I have to say REALLY impressive installation. The MHWD Script was loaded in milliseconds.
What happened is that I booted the system fine the first time and I updated (thanx for the 2 MBs update XD) and installed all my usual programs. I tested if the WiFi works after suspension, which it didn't so I rebooted the system and it won't show me the login screen again. It gets stuck after loading the kernel so it must be something with the drivers. I tried booting into the first image that was created, it's been stuck there for 5 minutes now but I can go into TTY, so if you need me to edit any config files I can.

Again, thank you so much for this! :smiley:

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So you are saying
Installation worked.

But when you installed additional apps it stopped booting.

Can you give me the list of what you installed

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