THE Big thread about performance

Here I want to exchange ideas with everybody about how to hack your operating system to perform better than yesterday. Each post should contain its own separate topic for convenient quotes for other threads.

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I actually shared idea how to bring more performance for gaming. Garuda Team start implementation nvidia-tkg.

Next things what you can do for better gaming performance:

Aplication level

  1. Custom Proton (GE or TKG)
  2. Close other programs, while you want to more performance
  3. Set higher priority with KSysGuard

System level
kernel-tkg have a lot of variant optimized for each one CPU architecture and manufacture.

For better understanding how much important and incredible is Frogging-Family for Linux especially for gaming i recommend visit Frogging-Family Discord:

You can found a lot of cool stuffs and fixes for games, Wine, Proton, Mesa, Nvidia, vkd3d. I noticed some efforts around futex2 patches. But remember, there are place with really really advanced users this is a reason why Frogging-Family is so powerful.

Next strong community called SHITTYWONK:

Admin is GloriousEggroll, he is creater Proton-GE. It's probably similar like Frogging-Family, but you can found rooms for Arch, Proton, general linux, Fedora and Ubuntu. SHITTYWONK is second most important community for gaming, so many patches, fixes come from this place.

If you will follow both Discords, you can see development in the real time. :smiley: First patches for Cyberpunk 2077 came from Frogging-Family. They came with it at night when everyone hyped around Cyberpunk 2077, on the morning i saw a lot of users play Cyberpunk 2077 with linux-tkg-bmq or pds on the Arch Linux. I think this is a really great example how it is good place.


A small tweak I do to improve shader compilation times is to add


into /etc/environment to get rid of NVIDIA's stupid 128MB shader limit per game. I've been doing this for so long I don't even know if they already solved this, but I still do.

EDIT: Holy shit, they literally just did it with the 460 drivers!

"Increased the default size for new OpenGL/Vulkan Shader Disk Cache location to 1024MB. Note that caches with paths containing "/.nv/ will continue to use the previous default of 128MB unless the size is manually overridden. For more information see the “OpenGL Shader Disk Cache” section in the “Specifying OpenGL Environment Variable Settings” chapter of the README."