Lxqt-kwin no desktop black screen

if install lxqt-kwin with "login automatically" marked in calamares it will boot with plasma x11 session and can't press logout button to change to lxqt desktop session. If install without mark it will ok(lxqt desktop session)

maybe it's not one bug and something else related to it, but I install without mark and so far is ok


going to give this a go right now

You sir are a gentleman. I am now in business with lxqt :face_with_monocle:


Nice one, thanks for the tip @TidalMist. I wonder why that is?

When you set up autologin through Calamares, for some reason the primary user's UID and GID do not match (1000/1001 instead of 1000/1000). I'm not sure why that is. Now I am wondering if maybe LXQT needs them to match for some reason? :thinking:

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