I installed Garuda linux and facing major issues with Sound

Why do you have pulse audio? It’s known to cause issues. Please uninstall it and reinstall pipwire following these steps:

  1. Remove all the configuration files in /etc/pipewire (sudo mv /etc/pipewire /tmp)
  2. Reinstall pipewire support
sudo pacman -S pipewire-support
  1. Restart pipewire’s systemd services.
systemctl --user enable --now pipewire.socket pipewire-pulse.socket wireplumber.service


systemctl --user enable --now pipewire.service

Multiple sound servers are not needed. Plus all of the packages that require pulseaudio as dependency are fullfilled by pipewire-pulse provided with the pipewire-support meta package. Also I can see that wireplumber is not working prolly disabled by pulseaudio another reason why pipewire is not working properly and you are facing audio issues.

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