Audio in invalid state

It seems for some reason your pipewire session manager, wireplumber is not active. Try the following commands to enable and restart it,

systemctl --user enable --now pipewire.socket pipewire-pulse.socket wireplumber.service
systemctl --user enable --now pipewire.service
systemctl restart --user pipewire-pulse.socket pipewire.socket wireplumber.service

If this does not help try reinstalling pipewire following this post

If neither of these work then check,

groups $USER

does not output audio or rtkit and that it does output realtime. In simple terms ensure you are a part of realtime group and that you are not a part of audio or rtkit groups.

Also check,

cat /etc/security/limits.d/99-realtime-privileges.conf


@realtime - rtprio 98
@realtime - memlock unlimited
@realtime - nice -11

Finally also try to change kernels if none helps,

sudo pacman -S linux-lts linux-lts-headers

and then from grub advanced menu select the lts kernel to boot into.