Garuda Linux General FAQ

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What are the first steps after installing Garuda Linux?

  • Setting initial mirrorlist
    Open up "Reflector Simple" and make your choices. After testing the servers you will get a fresh mirrorlist.
  • Updating the system
    Its a simple as opening the terminal and typing "sudo pacman -Syu". You will also find a shortcut to a GUI tool called Pamac in the startmenu which serves the same purpose.
  • Setting the terminal shortcut for updating mirrorlist and system at the same time
    Open the file ~/.zshrc (you can do this via GUI or opening the terminal and typing "micro .zshrc") and find an alias called "#upd=...". Remove the "#" and change the options to fit your location and preferences. Now close the editor and type zsh to apply the change.
  • Downloading language packs
    Some applications got language packs which are separated from the main application
    (Firefox, Libreoffice, etc..). Usually you are required to download them manually however Garuda Linux is shipping the Garuda settings manager for that purpose. You will find a language pack option where you can select which language packs you want to download.
  • Setting the terminal theme
    Garuda Linux is shipping with the Powerlevel10k zsh theme which makes working with the terminal easier. To set it up simply launch the terminal and answer the question of the setup wizard. Make sure to press yes until the actual theme choices pop up (the needed patched font is already included).

What is a "barebones" edition?


These editions contain the minimum amount of DE needed, no theming, no metapkg - also no support :grin::point_up:

Which version is recommended for me?


Garuda supports many different editions. New editions are added regularly, and some editions are occasionally dropped. Download and test a live version to find which edition suits you best.

Can I switch versions without reinstalling?


This is universally applicable:
Switching to BSPWM from KDE - #2 by dr460nf1r3

Where can I get support specific to the BlackArch edition & its tools?


The guys of BlackArch have a Discord where questions regarding all BlackArch related stuff can be asked.
There is even a #garuda channel, in which suggestions or hints can be posted.

My screen looks dark and yellow colored?


Its Nightlight or Redshift which is running. Simply turn off the feature. :bulb:

How to make docker work?


Fresh install Docker cgroup mountpoint does not exist - #2 by BrutalBirdie

What hardware is required to run Garuda Linux?

  • Ultimate editions are made for having all the right tools needed to get gaming started on Linux, out of the box. For Ultimate editions we recommend a minimum of 6 GB of RAM and 40 GB of storage space.
  • Lite editions are made for having only minimal packages preinstalled out of the box. This way you can customize it later how you want - the choice is yours to make. For Lite editions we recommend a minimum of 3 GB of RAM and 20 GB of storage space.
  • If your hardware doesnt meet the requirements it might be better to install another more lightweight distribution.

Booting the ISO takes ages and wont finish / weird issues arise! (I Have NVIDIA Hardware)

  • Select the driver = free option in the bootloaders menu for now. There are some kernel issues which need to be fixed by the developers.
  • Try booting the Linux-LTS kernel. NVIDIA sometimes doesnt update their drivers to new kernel versions (reference)

What are the live login details?


They are garuda / garuda. :slight_smile:

The idle RAM usage is pretty high, how to I reduce it?


Its widely known that unused RAM is wasted RAM nowadays. In Garuda we use some performance tweaks that might increase RAM usage while improving performance such as systemd-swap.
Generally you dont have to worry about this. If you still want to save some RAM you can try disabling systemd services you dont use. This can be done by opening the terminal and typing "sudo systemctl disable --now" and pressing tab instead of enter. It will show you all active services which you can then disable. An example is bluetooth, not everyone uses bluetooth so the service could safely be disabled.

Virtualbox doesnt work right after installation?


Run the following to use Virtualbox without restart:

sudo modprobe vboxdrv

What is the recommended partition layout for the installation?

  • If you want a complete BTRFS setup you will have to create one big BTRFS partition ("erase entire disk" in Calamares) since BTRFS will create subvolumes which are almost like different partitions.
  • If there are multiple disks used in your setup install Garuda to the first disk, then reboot and add the remaining disks via "btrfs device add /dev/sdb /home/sdb" for example.
  • After that balance the filesystem using "btrfs filesystem balance /"

A system upgrade broke everything! Panic!


This wiki article explains how to restore the system

'Im using a KDE variant and applications crash and it feels very buggy?


You are most likely using Plasma (Wayland) session. Use the regular Plasma (Xorg) session instead as Wayland is still in heavy development in KDE.

Newly installed applications dont show up in the Wayfire edition!


Open the terminal and type killall "wf-panel && wf-panel &" to make them show up without having to restart the pack

How to get checksums and keys of the downloaded isos?


Open up the Sourceforge page of Garuda Linux and find the version you just downloaded. Another mehtod is finding the checksums in the same directory as the direct download.

How do I change the background in the Wayfire edition?


To change the wallpaper we have to edit ~/.config/wf-shell.ini

micro ~/.config/wf-shell.ini

Find the line "image" in the [background] block and change the path to match your wallpaper

I have a high resolution monitor and things don't look pretty, what do I do?


We have made things easy and added a toggle for HiDPI mode in the Garuda welcome app. Find it in the settings tab!

My vulkan installation is not recognized by Lutris! What should I do about it?


Vulkan - ArchWiki

Firefox doesn't work with Webconferencing/etc..?


That's the privacy tweaks we ship by default. You can workaround if you need the website to work in any case by doing this

How do I take screenshots easily?


Most editions ship Ksnip as screenshot utility. Pressing Print should be enough to take a screenshot :slight_smile:

How do I get new themes?


Install the package "ocs-url" and visit afterwards. Lots of themes and icon packs available - installable right through the website. If you are using GNOME the theme can be changed via GNOME tweaks, on other DE you can for example use lxappearance if there is no native theme changer.
If you are on KDE themes can be installed via system settings! :art:

Why are there 2 Steam launchers?


One uses steams own libraries, the other one system native ones. This might result in a performance boost for example if system binaries are newer. However it possibly creates compatibility issues resulting in game crashes. Keep that in mind when using the native launcher. :slight_smile:

There is feature X which isn't included, will you add it?


Possibly, if it makes sense and we are able to implement it. You are free to make suggestions on how to do this.

How can I support this project?

  • For now, the best way to support Garuda Linux is by spreading the word and recommending it to other people.
  • Donations are not needed right now.
  • Another nice way to help Garuda Linux is to leave a review at Distrowatch

Where do I get answers to questions not answered in this FAQ?


Is this for devices in any filesystem, or for new clean drivers to use btrfs? I was just going to normally mount my xfs partitions, but after I saw this I wanted to confirm.

This is only for btrfs. You can add your xfs partitions via /etc/fstab instead :slight_smile:


Another Question
For people who have already installed the vanilla KDE version how can they get the Dragonized settings pack

You can pretty much apply this to every edition :slight_smile:


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Here Modified the Ultimate Version to be like Dr46onized

Question: Virtual box not working after install
Fix: Virtualbox can be run without errors and restarting after install by using the following command.

sudo modprobe vboxdrv

Or install these:

sudo pacman -S linux-*-headers virtualbox-host-dkms xf86-video-vmware

(where * is the kernel you are running, for ex. I'm running tkg-bmq so linux-tkg-bmq-headers, the headers and all are available in chaotic-aur so no need to compile)

sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg



Added to first post :slight_smile:


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Why are almost all "gaming" Distros arch based like Manjaro And Garuda?

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I guess this is due to both of them having always the latest packages - which means they get possible improvements and performance increases earlier than for example a Debian based distro. This one is all about stability and holds updates back. Would you like to wait several months or longer until the desired update comes to your system? :grin:


True, but theirs always pop os

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Still, PopOS does not have access to the AUR which means having to install countless PPAs to get the required software. The AUR makes things really easy, especially with Chaotic-AUR. Generally speaking (might not be the case for a few apps): if its not in the AUR it doesnt exist for Linux :joy:


Pop is not good for you. It's full of empty calories, and rots your teeth.



PopOS team made a lot of hacking to get good, and by a lot a mean A LOT. But still, there is no point in using ubuntu if you want the latest and greatest gaming experience, as Ubuntu is a stable-release distro.


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