High DPI settings / KDE

Hello everyone, my name is MowTee, I'm from Germany and new to Garuda Linux and this forum. I installed Garuda KDE Dragonized yesterday and I must say, damn that's a beautiful distribution! Thanks! For me, this is my first arch-based distro and I'm curious about how it's gonna be and what I'll learn.

I installed Garuda KDE Dragonized on a Dell XPS 13 with a ridiculous high and uncalled-for high dpi of 4K resolution on a 13 inch screen.

According to the FAQ (Garuda Linux General FAQ) there should be a High-DPI toggle in the Garuda welcome app. I cannot, for the life of me, find it. Neither there, nor in the Garuda settings manager, that is among the tools in the welcome app.
Can you point me to it?

What I did do, is going through the system settings to display and monitor and display configuration. There I set global scale to 250%. After that and also enlarging my mouse pointer to 48 px, the system now looks nice and usable.

However, this global scale does not seem to translate to the login screen. There, everything is really tiny. How can I extend the scaling to the login screen?

I also need to increase the size of the fonts in grub. But this is something that I should be able to figure out myself :slight_smile:
Or is there a better way to make grub look nicely that to just increase font size?

Thank you guys so much!

I have a couple of ideas for you:

  • Don't set your scale to anything other than 100% increments. You will find some applications don't handle partial scale well. In your case, I would set your scale to 200% and then increase your font DPI until everything is the correct size. I know it isn't an intuitive solution but most UI elements change size with font size.
  • For sddm(login screen), in system settings->workspace->startup & shutdown->login screen(sddm), try clciking the "synchronize settings" button and see if that helps.

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