Switching to BSPWM from KDE

I have installed Garuda KDE about a month ago and have now realised that I should have gone with the BSPWM version of Garuda is there a way I can get the same Garuda BSPWM settings on my KDE version without installing a new ISO

Alright so there is some work to do:

sudo pacman -S package1 package2 
  • Install the matching garuda-*-settings package (forcing you to uninstall the old one) - in this case its
sudo pacman -S garuda-bspwm-settings
  • Either delete all dotfiles (often found in ~/.config, ~/.kde4, ~/.profile, etc....) OR you just create a new user account eg. by using KDE settings
  • Copy the contents of /etc/skel to your home folder (~/) using Garuda Assistant (at the bottom, apply new configs)

Depending on how experienced or familiar you are with this kind of stuff it might be easier/faster to reinstall though :smiley:


Thanks but I just ended up installed Garuda i3 version and I am very happy with it

But thanks for taking out the time for answering


Noice.. Imma try myself the i3


If you want the tiling windows AND the full KDE desktop experience, I use the krohnkite script found in the AUR or you can get the script right from the plasma store. Just an FYI. I love it and it's easy to toggle on and off.


How you did it? I want to do the same on Gaming edition.

He installs i3wm and remove KDE.

Better try that

if you new on linux start reading the manuals. Arch wiki and

Firstly @bitman do not necrobump old technical help requests on the Garuda forum as this is frowned upon.

You just had a similar help request closed on the same topic. This is another thing that is frowned upon on the Garuda forum. This is referred to as cross posting and it only serves to clutter the forum.

The reason why your original thread was moved out of the main forum is that you are not at a sufficient level of understanding to even think of doing what you are contemplating. You stated you don't even know what a WM (Window Manager) is, yet you are bound and determined to install one on top of KDE. This is foolhardy at best as your technical knowledge is insufficient to master installing multiple DE & WM combinations.

This is a non-standard install method that is not officially supported by Garuda. Do your own research and make full backups before even thinking of doing this. Also, if you do this and mess your system up, do not open a help request on the forum for assistance because "if you broke it you bought it"

If you insist on doing a non-standard install, you're fully on your own. Do your own research and fix any problems you create if you want to go down this road.

As I stated on your last thread:

If you continue posting repeated requests for assistance with this matter on our forum after being told by many moderators that you are not at a level to even consider doing this, then perhaps you need a little quiet time to rethink your posting behaviour on our forum.

Please do your own research as this is not a hand holding society.