Install multiple desktops with the Garuda themes on Garuda

If you have a decent PC go for Dragonized.

You can always install all of them, butt you needs serious amount of storage but the catch is you can only use one at a time

Okay. I've tried dragonized before and I really like it.

I understand those constraints and I know how to install additional desktop environments in Arch Linux, but how do you install the Garuda themes and stuff for each of them?

You dont they are included in the installer it is done automatically and please change the cateogary to issues

Do you mean "upgrading" to another DE

^^Universally aplicable

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Cool! Thank you! That helps a lot.

BTW, we're not going to help you out of the hot mess you are creating. Just saying...


I know. I like doing stupid stuff like this on my extra PC.


Somewhat less likely to end up a hot mess is to create additional users - and set them up individually with the alternatives. If they have common access to data directories (that are set up with permissions for multi-access) then this can be viable... that is to say.. this CAN be viable. Good luck...


This is not true. You can install other DEs just fine. You can find all the garuda specific customizations in the gitlab. Just clone the repo corresponding to your DE and apply it.

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I suggest you either read the whole conversation and actually read what I said. or kindly quote the person who you were pointing to.

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If you feel this is good advice I guess you'll have no shortage of help requests from FrankenDE multi grafters when I refer them your way for assistance with the problems they spawn. :rofl:


The issue is not with installing other DEs - it is having them functioning correctly in the same userspace. Sometimes (!) settings and configurations conflict.....:exploding_head:


Welp I had no idea different DE's could conflict.

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True, but you can install and run any application, whether it's GTK, QT, or whatever to your main DE, it doesn't seem to matter much. You'll pull in a lot of dependencies and may have a few minor application decorative or start problems, but they're fixable.

KDE Plasma seems to handle GTK decorations okay, but with the GNOME Shell you need something like Kvantum to decorate KDE/QT applications.


So in theory you could use DE's that dont use the same underlying toolkit simultaneously. I imagine thats what causes the conflict.

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Your display manager, say SDDM, will give you the option of which desktop to start in a dropdown menu, but the configs and applications is where it gets messy.

Say you're running Plasma but want to use Nemo for the file manager. That will pull in the Cinnamon Desktop. Plasma will be fine, but if you login to the Cinnamon DE from there, your ■■■■■■ unless you have installed enough of the rest of Cinnamon functionality. The GNOME Cheese app will pull in GNOME Shell (or control panel--I forget which).

Conversely, say you do install all of the DEs and pick one at the display manager login. The applications you start may have glitches, look fugly, etc. Also, configs may conflict.

Also...Plasma can use different Window Managers, yada, yada.

That's the quick and dirty of it. But, hey, you're a smart person. You wrote up that nice Garuda Laptop install routine.

EDIT: You know, the Arch Wiki has great advice on mixing 'n' matching stuff. :wink:


I've had 4 DEs installed at once on my machine and there were only a couple of little things that were weird like the different notification things for each DE and the icons.

Stuff like that's fun to play around with in a hobbyist desktop, but not for a production environment. Not that I produce much anymore. :wink:

"Shoemaker, stick to thy lasts."

EDIT: I do want to comment--this is how new DEs are born.