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Purely to scratch my itch

It's something I wanted to create

The only reason I even bothered to learn how to create isos


To make the jumpstart easier for people who are interested in Linux gaming. Comparing to Ubuntu or any other distro I would definitely say its easier to get started with gaming!
You have to keep in mind that this is still a result of people working on it in their freetime - rather a result of passion, not a commercial product which is forced to give support for every single game there is. As I said already, you are free to create such threads in the community section to help other people getting along with games. After all its the community keeping everything alive, isnt it?

I cant tell if you're being sarcastic or not .... lol

understood section it is. :+1:


There are better sites out there for this, e.g. and


Some relevant threads

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