The Ultimate guide to install 'Epic Games GTA 5' using Heroic Launcher in any Linux Distro

[This is applicable to all other Titles in 'Epic Games']

First of all, if you want to learn about:
Gaming in Linux, Heroic Launcher, Wine, and Proton you can refer to these links -->

  1. Launch Epic Games without Launcher - YouTube
  2. Heroic Game Launcher - YouTube
  3. Wine - ArchWiki
  5. The Ultimate Linux Gaming Guide – Chris Titus Tech

Now that you have got the idea about all this, you need to install the required software:

  1. heroic-games-launcher-bin (Non-Arch based Distro user can install from: GitHub - Heroic-Games-Launcher/HeroicGamesLauncher: A Native GUI Epic Games Launcher for Linux)

  2. steam-native-runtime

  3. mangohud ( a Vulkan overlay layer - optional) (Non-Arch based Distro user can install from: GitHub - flightlessmango/MangoHud: A Vulkan and OpenGL overlay for monitoring FPS, temperatures, CPU/GPU load and more. Discord:

    You can install these from the ' Garuda Gamer'

Now that you have installed the prerequisites, let's jump into the installation process:

  1. Install GTA 5 in Heroic Launcher (refer to the 2nd link given above)

  2. Now you need to install proton-experimental (you can try other versions of Proton as well), through Steam (ProtonDB says that GTA V works with Proton.)
    Now follow these:-

ii) now change the settings so that it matches this picture

iii) Now you need to install a Steam game if you don't have any.
In this example, I am using Fishing Planet

iv) Now, go to the properties of your game

v) change the settings so that it matches this picture:

vi) Now launch your Steam game, Steam will install Proton for you on launch.

  1. Now that you have got Proton from Steam, go to GTA 5 settings in Heroic Launcher

  1. Change the settings to match in the picture:

ii) Add



  1. That's it you are done

Enjoy GTA 5 in Linux!

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