What games do you play on Garuda?

It will be interesting to see for the future users what garuda already supports. :wink:

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Minecraft :joy:


yeah, the easiest one to lauch :rofl:

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I did tried rocket league and it was terrible experience i dont know why !
Rocket league with steam play since linux version is offline

It was natively supported until March. On protondb it still is marked as native, even though you need proton to lauch it. Btw, what's your specs?

Yes i know protondb its show native but if you click it you will see it run with proton without any porblems

Garuda runs on
AMD 32 core 2990WX
128GB Ram
Nvidia GTX Titan
Asus zenith extreme MB

Wow, that's some heavy specs right there. Glad that it actually works with proton, some of my friends play in this

I think AMD GPU will work better than Nvidia

Assaultcube , the best time killer . 200+ FPS :smiley:


I haven't played any game recently, but once I played some games on Dolphin emu.

It was great, though I don't remember the name of the game.

It was some fox's adventure.


I'm spending a lot of time in Grim Dawn.

ARPG in a similar vein to Diablo and Torchlight, looks lovely, lots of crafting and class build potential. Also, very cheap on Steam. :grin:

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  • Nintendo Games (both old and new)
  • Final Fantasy
  • Okami
  • Dark Souls
  • Assassin's Creed
  • Baldur's Gate
  • The Witcher
  • Spyro
  • Control
    And many more RPGs and Action/Adventures mainly.
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Baldurs gate 3
Dark Souls 3
Cyperpunk 2077
Residend evil 7
Crusader Kings 3
Kingdom rush
Divinity 2 original sin
Hard West


o ad and simutrans

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Only lichessโ™Ÿ๏ธ now.
But also I recommend you to play Va11Ha11a one of the great steam game.

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  • Euro Truck Simulator 2
  • Farming Simulator 2019
  • Cyberpunk 2077
  • Kerbal Space Program
  • Transport Fever 2
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  • Nier: Automata
  • Hotline Miami 2
  • (Dolphin) Metroid Prime
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I saw your server after seeing the about page :slight_smile:
Have you thought about making it public?
I'm running a small public Minecraft server with very nice and chill mods on a dedicated server in my basement and I am tempted to offer everyone who is interested to join, we can make it the official Garuda community server :):slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Not sure if it is a good idea to post the link to it though here , but if you are interested to see it I can post our webpage and instructions here don't want to spam with advertisements.

Besides that I play Elite Dangerous very nicely on Steam Proton!
Big fan of Space since Freelancer.
And Minecraft since ever I think, now not so often but still having fun from time to time.


Deadcells, Factorio, northgard, battle for wesnoth, dark souls 3, Osu!, grim dawn, superhot^^

dota, if i could. but i do in-fact have a life and saddly dota is too draining to play whist studying and working and .. well living


Well, this server is mainly for my best friend, dunno if he would appreciate that :eyes:

But I like the idea, if there are Garudians playing Minecraft - why not? :grin: