What games do you play on Garuda?

I play gnubg, chess and 0ad.
On other systems also Flight Simulator and Flight Gear.


Playing - Sid's Civ V

Attempting to play - Death Stranding...a non-critical use of PC and a good fault-finding exercise to stave off boredom :grin: Honing (non-existent) skills is time never wasted.

My only fear is, I may enjoy the challenge of fixing it, more than playing the game at the end.


Great :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

This is the frontpage of our server - http://shantitribe.eu
Everyone is welcomed! Just follow the instructions.

We wanted mostly a laid back experience so we added some mods like double jump and more ores.
And lot's of other small bits and surprises.
And for the Hard intense fights you can visit the nether we have the Incendium pack installed there that provides crazy new Nether biomes. castles, mobs and many more!
OpenAudioMC is also onboard, where you can set certain music to specific areas of your build.

I know it's very annoying to register through discord but it's a rather easy way to secure and authenticate on the server. So please excuse me about this.
Also we can change the frontpage this beautiful JPG :slight_smile: so that it can also refer to Garuda as the community server :slight_smile:

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It would be nice if we could intergrated w/ the garuda forum but IDK if you can do that.

Minecraft, su :b: ertuxkart and super tux.


Playing list at the moment on Garuda Dr460nized :

  1. Divinity 2 Original Sin
  2. Dark Souls 3
  3. The Last Remnant
  4. Dragon Dogma : Dark Arisen
  5. (And if someone open server for it) Minecraft :smiley:

1-4 already test it in Steam Play with ProtonDB and with disabling "cpu auto frequency" that I learned yesterday on my almost a week with Garuda :smiley:


lets see....
-Path of Exile
-Pillars of eternity
-Oxi not included
-The long dark
-Arma 3 "with persistant issues"
-Total War: Shogun 2
-All of the "HITMAN" games "yes all of them"
-Elite Dangerous "work in progress"
-Company of Heroes 2
-Hears of iton 4
-Killing floor
-how to survive "more like how to waste time"
-7 Days to Die "with a few minor problems"


Here's the games I tried:
Minecraft and Terraria (Native)
Tmodloader for terraria (needed a little bit of configuration as tmodloader couldn't install mods, but the fix was easy)
Darkest Dungeon (I have the epic games version, runs with lutris great but I couldn't get the mods to work for some reason)
Celeste (Epic games version for this too, runs with lutris awesomely)
Troy: A Total War Saga (Epic games version for this too, runs with lutris like its native, no configurations needed and no spooky errors as i have seen.)

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I am delighted to say, Death Stranding now works!! (AMD RX580 8GB Sapphire)

I did nothing, just waited for Valve to get around to fixing and, after the latest updates, all seems well. Last time I tried, graphical glitches, artifacts and missing textures, were common. I could get no further than Sam getting into a truck with Igor, before hanging occurred . If I used Esc and skip, I could get to the underwater scene and hanging as soon as Sam first submerged.

Tonight, on the off-chance, I tried again and all seems fine! I got past previous attempts with ease and got to Episode 1 - 'Bridget' and started the first proper mission.

No problems thus far.

So - happy bunny!

Edit - I used Lutris, then Steam. Lutris put me in 'Native', rather than 'Runtime' which usually is way worse. Not now - this is now my de facto method.


Außer gnubg, Schach und 0AD spiele ich kaum etwas.

Dafür hören meine Nachbarn die beste Musik. Ob es ihnen passt oder nicht.


I would like to add Sea of thieves in the list!
Runs Out of the box using latest proton version 6.3-1
The only restriction is in creating a game, basically u need to be always the captain or the one who creates the game, if you just join to a game you won't be able to lunch.


Update playing list at the moment on Garuda Dr460nized :

  1. Divinity 2 Original Sin
  2. Dark Souls 3
  3. The Last Remnant
  4. Dragon Dogma : Dark Arisen
  5. Minecraft
  6. Albion Online
  7. Guild Wars 2 (Mostly play this game)
  8. Metal Gear Solid V : The Phantom Pain
  9. Elite Dangerous (Mostly play this game)
  10. Elder Scroll Online

I am new to Garuda but love rocket league have you tried running it with steam play forcing use of proton ge? Working great for me so far.


Update list :wink:
Baldurs gate 3
Dark Souls 3
Cyperpunk 2077
Residend evil 7
Crusader Kings 3
Kingdom rush
Divinity 2 original sin
Hard West

new :wink:

Element TD2
Resident Evil (8) -The village ( runs now with latest Proton Experimetal now also settings working )


Doom Eternal
Nier: Automata
Unreal Tournament 3
Need for Speed Underground 2 (yes the old one)


My favorite game is Garuda itself. It has an incredible learning effect. Cheats are available here and in the Arch Wiki :laughing:


Add a custom discord game your playing entry and set it to kde.


I am mostly playing valheim atm as its native. Have Warframe installed and played it for a bit but outta content to grind through. Not much else honestly as I am waiting for a hdmi dummy plug to arrive so I can game on a vm. I have looked through wine and proton docs and the whole thing seems like a lot of work to me for getting games running. I mostly just try to add the game to lutris and try to run it. If it works cool if not :frowning: .


Going to embark on my first gaming voyage with Garuda Linux. Will report performance :cowboy_hat_face:


In no particular order

1.Railroad tycoon platuim
2. OverWatch
3. Wow
4. ESO online
5. And too many Steam games to list around a hundred

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