What games do you play on Garuda?

FPS is really great, compared to a previous laptop on Windows it's a big improvement!


I play R6S on Windows.
In Garuda,
All of ones I love without R6S.

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Through RemotePlay or something?

I did not understand. I installed my beauty Garuda side by Windows as dual boot.

Sorry I misunderstood and overthinked your post a little bit

The Long Dark

I like Garuda a lot and don't know whether it is Steam or Garuda or what but from time to time my settings which compatibility tool to use is reset from the latest version of Proton to the default of Boxtron.

That Proton version dropdown in Steam settings is bugged (or just has bad UX). It always shows whatever is at the top of the list, even when that isn't what it has been set to. Just set it to whatever you want and ignore the inaccurate display. It'll still launch games with whatever you set it to.

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I have an RX580 Ryzen 5 2600. The official drivers for Windows are broken and they have been for years, a family member and I have the exact same PC and on fresh installs the gpu sort of works without a driver but the Radeon software never opens. It's borderline incompatible, it made me hate using my PC.
This is probably why I have such astonishing performance with games on Garuda. My refresh rate stays so smooth, in ways that I'm not used to in Windows. Everything looks clear and I have 0 stuttering. I'm not used to games running this amazingly. Idk what's responsible for it but also stutters less than it does in other distros.
Shouldn't this be backwards though? How does an open source driver work 100000x better than the official ones on Windows straight from AMD?

Anyway about games- I'll leave the native ones out because they all work perfectly. Using only Proton (not even having to go out of my way to install extra WINE stuff) I have not had even one error trying to get games with a good enough Proton rating to run. So far (all via Steam Proton default):

-Frostbite games (BFV/1/4, Star Wars Battlefront, even Bad Company 2 and MOH 2010 / Origin): all run better on Linux than Windows, no joke. I can see every frame and I cannot miss shots even if I tried. BF4 has no ping ingame which kinda breaks the stability of multiplayer but that's an issue with all distros.
Ballistic Overkill: Runs perfectly but is locked at 60hz for some reason.
Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer: Runs perfectly
COD World At War: Works perfectly but new copies have a Steam CD key issue that prevents you from going online. Issue is on Windows too.
Hired Ops: Possibly the only decent online F2P shooter with anticheat that works on Linux. Anticheat runs within the game. Takes place in Tarkov, plays like COD. Linux has been needing a game like this and Hired Ops runs great, especially on Garuda. I had a floaty mouse issue on Ubuntu that is not present on Garuda.
Mixcraft 8 Home Studio: Works with AsioWINE, but isn't nearly as usable as say Bitwig
Natural Selection 2: Runs perfectly
No Man's Sky: Runs perfectly, can go online after a simple tweak
Rocket League: Runs perfectly
Quake Live / Quake Champions: Both run perfectly
Unturned: Runs perfectly

The only issues I have are the Linux native versions of CSGO and TF2 run about half as good as the Windows versions, but I get the feeling that's Valve's problem.
I would report more but I already maxed out my ISP's monthly bandwidth and cannot download more lol :mage:


That's correct, I got confused because the dropdown menu shows SteamDOS or something like that but it still runs with Proton anyway. Only with the preinstalled one in the Gaming edition though- when I reinstalled it via pamac myself it shows the newest as Proton 6.3-4

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Well, a lot of eyes are looking on the source code, so bugs are fixed faster. And nobody wants issues with their video drivers on Linux, so you have even more contributors because of the importance of your software. On Windows, nobody cares unless the issue is critical. A lot of issues with Nvidia drivers on Linux are also caused by this apathy, I believe.

these days the only games that DON'T work on linux are the ones with EAC anticheat. in my experience everything else works thanks to proton



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I have played:

  1. Xonotic
  2. Flightgear
  3. GTA 5
  4. NFS Most Wanted 2005
  5. NFS Most Wanted 2012
    and all of them worked great

Remembering those Windows days... :laughing:

I have had completed it almost, except few Challenging Series at the end which were nearly impossible.. (Of course, talking about without Trainer :grin: )

So what I played so far, after finally recovering from my gaming apathy:

  • Veloren (just through Airshipper launcher from AUR)

  • The Binding of Isaac: Repentance (Sadly not yet available officially, but works through Wine unless you have too much tears and broken items)

  • Fallout New Vegas (needed a little bit of fiddling because audio wasn't working, and the game wouldn't launch because of that, but after all that works ok).

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Games I've been playing latetly:

  • Before We Leave (Native only bought because It had linux version)
  • Cities Skylines (Native, only recently bought it for the same reason and because of a discount with another 3 dlcs)
  • Kingdoms and Castles (Same Reason, Native)
  • Rimworld (Native, Wonderful game and the mods mostly work on native)
  • Valheim (Indie, Native to Linux and support to Vulkan and OpenGL, nice game to have when I matures more)
  • CS:GO (Native Although not perfect, Got it at a very low price to see it go free on the next month of buying it :sob: )
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with some mods(Proton Glorious Eggroll Run Pretty well I get 50-60 FPS, Nothing that I wasn't having in Windows, After some fiddling with Lutris to install vortex to install mods it works, but without the FNIS or SMP HD or Nemesis animation mods)
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Proton Glorios Eggroll Stable, Perfect Game nothing to complain about it, the performance is the same as if on windows)

I mostly just play skewer the troll. It's a mind-numbingly basic game, but it amuses me to no end. :crazy_face:


I play the good old classic Doom. :sunglasses:
And Xonotic.


Today I played Dying Light on Garuda


And for any cartoon fans, I play Adventure Time Bloons, which is awesome out of the box : 3