Fastfetch | garuda-fastfetch-git | Flashfest for Garuda Linux

Pimp your terminal/konsole :slight_smile:

New Version in


Standalone executables

sudo cp fastfetch /usr/bin/
sudo cp flashfetch /usr/bin/

Download from
fastfetch/fastfetch 路 master 路 SGS / Wallpaper 路 GitLab
fastfetch/flashfetch 路 master 路 SGS / Wallpaper 路 GitLab

Source code
GitHub - sgse/fastfetch: Like neofetch, but much faster because written in c. Only Linux.

is a fork , kudos to
GitHub - LinusDierheimer/fastfetch: Like neofetch, but much faster because written in c. Only Linux.


We have this in repo now, called garuda-fastfetch-git :smiley:


My Details are not perfectly fitting using fastfech. and I also used

fastfetch -r

In above, some text are not fitting perfectly, can you guyz help me in that?

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What you could try is editing fastfetchs config to output less stuff (it should be located in ~/.config/fastfetch/fastfetch.conf):face_with_raised_eyebrow:


What's the difference between flashfetch & fastfetch.

I tried to edit file ~/.config/fastfetch/config.cfg but it contains all lines with # tag. The text is,

# Fastfetch configuration
# Put arguments here to make them permanently (one per line). 
# Direct arguments will overwrite the corresponding ones in this files
# Each line is whitespace trimmed on beginn and end.
# Empty lines or lines starting with # are ignored.
# There are more arguments possible than listed here, take a look at fastfetch --help!
# This version of the file was shipped with r118.16200fa.
# Use fastfetch --print-default-config > ~/.config/fastfetch/config.conf to generate a new one with current defaults.

How can I edit it?

Look in post #1 first picture.

Both are hardcoded, very small < 92 KiB.
Maybe use smaller font size.
Or fork my fork and edit to your liking.

fastfetch -h
fastfetch -l ubuntu

Larger terminal skin solves line break problem but still last 2 data is not aligned perfectly.

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Yep, can confirm. Qtile

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Wow, that's some broken jpeg right there, even though I seem to save it in PNG

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New Year, new logos :smiley:
I accidentally deleted fastfetch in git, age does not pass me by without a trace :wink:

Newly created and supplemented with two logo variants.

fastfetch --list-logos
fastfetch -l garudadragon
fastfetch -l garuda

Just pushed to github.

You can remove the color palette with #Colors in

--structure Title:Separator:OS:Host:Kernel:Uptime:Packages:Shell:Resolution:DE:WM:WMTheme:Theme:Icons:Font:Cursor:Terminal:TerminalFont:GPU:Memory:Battery:LocalIP:OpenGL:OpenCL:Processes:Disk:CPUUsage:CPU

There are many more modification options there. :slight_smile: