Garuda Linux "Raptor" (230305)

So glad I read the announcement for once, so I didn't miss your post I just activated it and rebooted barely managed to pickup my phone before I saw the login screen O.o


Hi There. Already said well done. Looks good.
I've updated with Dracut and run the other updates, all good.
After looking through all the other changes and enhancements, will these be delivered via our usual update process or do we have to re-install for the new benefits?


The main appeal for me was the ability to update a persistent liveUSB with a patched kernel on my desktop so that I could boot a poorly supported UEFI32 baytrail 2-in-1. Eventually, the 2-in-1 was better supported and I then used other distros. MX-linux is quite competent, somewhere between point release "stability" and rolling freshness (back-ports of newer apps...)

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I have heard only good things about MX Linux and I hadn't meant my comment to be a bash against them in any way.

Rather, it was meant as a tongue-in-cheek remark about Distrowatch's somewhat mysterious ranking system. The fact that MX Linux has been the #1 Linux distro for like four consecutive years, despite the fact that not many people seem to use it, or even talk about it, is somewhat bizarre and very suspicious. :face_with_monocle:


Everything is cool, but unfortunately the logo is not displayed as in the picture, the code is still (

Hi @fisk_hogel, I think you have to set it up yourself. Only certain terminals can render images as well. Check this discussion here:

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The new ISO can not detect my hard disk.
I have tried the Dragonized and Gnome version.
Both does not shows my hard disk.

Noticed others having issues with vanishing disk drives. This may be the problem:


Nice, it looks like the patch is already in mainline and queued for 6.2.3. :star_struck:

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Looks like I have to wait for the patch.

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The first rule of MX Club, you do not talk about MX Club. :wink:


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Follow the money. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Yeah i just took a look at their forum there were topics mostly related to announcements but in that also I found very less user's reply back to devs

Yeah... Latte-Dock now looks very flawed! I would like to return to the previous version with an increase in icons on click...

Plasma Panel does not have a feature to grow icon size. New ISO does not use Latte-Dock anymore.


@Arius please take note. From the release announcement:


Thank you all who have worked hard on this major update, I have been waiting very impatiently for it for months! I've installed it yesterday and so far I'm loving the changes (I have very quickly changed the theming to Dracula since that is my favorite for all-things, even TTY rice).
Good work Garuda team and community, let's keep going stronger year after year :muscle:


First congrats on the latest KDE Dragonized Gaming build. Installed in just over 7 minutes. Love being offered the nVidia install right out of the gate, the faster post install wizard, and in love with how the panels turned out. Other than one problem that I ran into with yay all looks good. Only thing I need fixed now are restoring the menu bars. Other than that again fantastic job. Thanks a lot for the great work that went into this.

No yay to paru alias in fish config?
Do you use bash?