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Hey again,

fastfetch --load-config dr460nized

Worked very well for me, but is there a possibility to have the blue eagle instead of the red dragon ?

Coming soon :wink:




Should this show on Alacritty? Fonts are differently colored and the logo doesn't show. On konsole it looks just like in these pictures...

I'm afraid not, I believe the image relies on the Kitty graphics protocol. It is not a widely adopted protocol; Kitty, Konsole, and WezTerm use it but not many other terminals.


I have kinda grown fond of Alacritty. Is there a way to put a "normal" ASCII-logo to it?

I suppose, one can make a same kind of statement to the fish config, so that it only uses it on Alacritty?

I was referring to this:

## Run fastfetch if session is interactive
if status --is-interactive && type -q fastfetch
   fastfetch --load-config dr460nized

Yes, just take out the part that says “--load-config dr460nized”.

Aside from that, you can configure the colors and output options in a Fastfetch config file if you like (check fastfetch --help for more information).


Ok, I'll be checking Fastfetch config out.

What I meant about using that ASCII-logo is, that it would keep using the picture one on the Konsole and would use the ASCII one on Alacritty... So, like without knowing the actual syntax, something like....

If Alacritty true use fastfetch else use that --load-config dr460nized


Well, I got it figured out.
First I added an env variable to Alacritty.yml.


  TERM: xterm-256color
  # TERM: alacritty
  TERM_PROGRAM: Alacritty

Then I added the following to the end of fish config:

if [ $TERM_PROGRAM = "Alacritty" ]

Alacritty again shows the ASCII-art and although fish nags a little...

[: Missing argument at index 3
= Alacritty
~/.config/fish/ (line 162):
if [ $TERM_PROGRAM = "Alacritty" ]
from sourcing file ~/.config/fish/
called during startup

I can take it :smiley:


Just quote "$TERM_PROGRAM" ?


That did it. Strange, that Alacritty didn't nag about it?
Well, one lives and learns... I guess :wink:

One thing I cannot get my head around, is that Alacritty seems to have an ugly color scheme...
Garuda-ascii logo looks nicely red, but Garudragon one looks ugly, muted.... Hmmm magenta? Or like dark blum xD
I have changed the logo color setting on fastfetch config, but it's either yellow or the blum. Same as the text headers beside the logo and the text after the headers is ugly yellow...

I'm probably missing something... Just don't know what. So I'm using the Garuda-ascii logo now.
At least it is red :smiley:

No idea about the colors, but the error was caused by TERM_PROGRAM being empty when not in Alacritty (nice idea you had by the way), so the "if" statement resulted in if [ = "Alacritty" ], confusing the [ command. Quoting it ensures it receives the expected arguments even if one is the empty string "".
Note also that fish has different rules than bash about quoting and variable expansion, if you're used to one you'll sometimes be surprised by the other (though this is a case where they agree).


Damn, of course... I didn't even think about it. Now that you said it, it makes total sense :wink:

Can't take the claim for that being my idea :wink:

Started to look out for a solution and found out these:

On the Linux side of things, there are so many different things, that I'm just scraping the outer shell with minimal knowledge.
Though starting computing from DOS-times and so on, does give some edge, to understand even some of all these things...

Have been interested about Linux for a long time. But it was actually seeing Garuda, when it was firstly published, nudged me over the edge and I began to use Linux again.

Though I mainly still use Windows, I have Garuda installed to all my 3 machines (main, ITX and old T61 laptop).

But, that's beside this point.

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For i3wm

fastfetch --load-config garuda work only in kitty.

Determine which terminal is currently being used if Fish is set as shell.

basename "/"(ps -o cmd -f -p (cat /proc/(echo %self)/stat | cut -d \  -f 4) | tail -1 | sed 's/ .*$//')`

Add to .config/fish/

set name (basename "/"(ps -o cmd -f -p (cat /proc/(echo %self)/stat | cut -d \  -f 4) | tail -1 | sed 's/ .*$//'))

if test $name = "kitty"
  fastfetch --load-config garuda

Remove Run fastfetch if session is interactive
and edit


Add # to line 7, like

#sed -i 's/--load-config neofetch/--load-config garuda/g' ~/.config/fish/

I'm not a real programmer :smiley: so please forgive me if the instructions are even worse than my English and scripting skills. :rofl:

I'm still trying to figure out how to implement all this in .local/bin/fastfetch-garuda. :thinking:

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Is there any way to load image in fastfetch in foot using something like libsixel?

But no konsole in i3wm :wink:

??? :smiley:

I mean the way you did it with kitty , in this post :

Is there any way to do in foot terminal ? :sweat_smile:

LOL, IDK :slight_smile:
Never heard about/from.
Foot is a fast, lightweight and minimalistic Wayland terminal emulator.

Foot supports sixel and better apparently (I guess it's Kitty image protocol or maybe iTerm2), viu can show images in it without pixelation.
I'd say try it, make sure relevant libraries are installed, and it will likely work.


Just for fun :rofl: