Which Kernel for AMD CPUs?

Now that a new release just came out and new kernles have been optimized, I wonder which should be used for AMD CPUs. I have two laptops, one with Ryzen 2700 and one with Ryzen 4600H. They both run fine, of course, with the default kernel. But if it was easy to switch I also would not mind.

I tried linux-amd (from chaotic-aur) and it runs fine as well. I do get error messages about missing modules during installation but they all seem to refer to things i don't need: intel-agp, nouveau, i915.


If its not broken, leave it a lone. :+1:
Those errors about missing modules are normal.


Use Garuda-Settings / Kernel for install.

You can choose them in grub-boot.


the only rule to use linux


Maybe helpul, IDK :slight_smile:

Read the Question above too.


Tried that, leads to a target not found for linux-tkg-bmq-znver2. Maybe the right kernel is linux-amd-znver2 from aur. That is sources only and would take some time. I half doubt that it is one of yours.

Meanwhile, it would be super helpful if garuda settings / kernel would have a search and maybe some descriptions. It seems there are dozens of kernels in there. If for one am not able to figure out what the differences are.

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same except for me it's

error: target not found: linux-tkg-bmq-znver1

I also think a search bar and some descriptions would be incredibly useful. There are so many kernels to chose from and having to scroll through all of them just to find the one you need is a huge pain.

Znver == Zen

So znver1 = Zen
znver2 = zen2


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