Garuda Linux "Imperial Eagle" (201205)

I'm using KDE Plasma Lite. So the new update is available for me or should I have to switch to the new edition...?
And congrats for the release


One of the advantages of rolling release is getting updates continually. So you are getting always the latest software updates. The only thing which would require a reinstallation is for example a change of partition layout.
The things which require manual intervention (if you want to follow the latest changes) are:

  • Kernel change (install via Garuda settings manager)
  • Dotfiles / userconfig changes (apply them via Garuda assistant for example, which copies /etc/skel to ~)
  • Theming changes (Install the theme via pamac)

A newbie question:

will this wipe my current KDE Light set up. or will it be on Pamac?


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Hello, i'm here from Manjaro and... woow! I use Garuda Barebones my compurer have a lot of better performance. Thank you kernel tkg-pds-bmq is the right way. btw: I skipped night sleep :smiley:

I have question

KDE dr460nized became the new KDE standard edition.

It's mean classic KDE will be dropp?
And if i use LXQT-Kwin it will be better for performance, because is lightweight? I search all way how to make laptop maximum responisve with maximum fps.


One more question...There are many options of Linux-tkg-bmq in Kernels, so which one I choose for install...

sudo pacman -S linux-tkg-bmq-$(gcc -c -Q -march=native --help=target | grep march |head -1|awk '{print $2}'){,-headers}

Just a heads up, for nvidia GPU users, you should install the tkg variant of Nvidia driver module if you use tkg kernels. (fixed grammar)

If you're going to use one kernel from this repository with NVIDIA drivers , you'd better not use official Nvidia drivers packages. And instead, use chaotic-aur ones.
From chaotic AUR homepage.

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If you are already on KDE it should be just fine :slight_smile:

There is now KDE Ultimate with the "regular" theming only. Its settings package is still available so KDE Lite installs got the updates too.


Hmm one of the Manjaro community members made a tool in the past for Manjaro might be worth looking at for news regarding Garuda leaving a link here :wink: It's what I used on Manjaro and it works pretty well. @dr460nf1r3


Thanks for mentioning this, maybe it can be forked :slight_smile:
@librewish what do you think?


Remind me darkly to have made the logo. :smiley:

I don't needed, rolling system, telegram, twitter, forum ...
Who want news visit the forum :slight_smile:


notifying user in the system itself will lead to less "uninformed" posts though :wink:
yes I said that as friendly as I could


I just had to read that beginners do not read.
So either way such requests come up. :smiley:


Yes, using LXQT will bring you more performance :slight_smile: but that always depend on your hardware setup

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What would you suggest for those (few?) of us running AMD Ryzen 4000 series CPUs? Get linux-amd instead?

PS: Trying that ends up in errors. It is complaining that modules intel-agp, i915, nouveau are missing.

I'd start a new thread for that.


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sudo pacman -S linux-tkg-bmq-$(gcc -c -Q -march=native --help=target | grep march |head -1|awk '{print $2}'){,-headers}

This returns

error: target not found: linux-tkg-bmq-znver1
error: target not found: linux-tkg-bmq-znver1-headers

What do I do in this case?

wait, so should intel-nvidia prime users reinstall their video drivers if they were to switch to the tkg kernel?