Best Kernel for AMD

I got a better performance in gaming with linux-amd-znver2 on my AMD Ryzen 5 5600X.
I installed it because I get this output when calling this command:

> gcc -c -Q -march=native --help=target | grep march |head -1|awk '{print $2}'

Searched for "znver2" in Pamac, there's only linux-amd-znver2 listed (AUR).

For those who are interested with this kernel flavor, see this comment on how to download a pre-built package.

The drawbacks with this kernel flavor: Some CPU information cannot be read.

(1) I used linux-tkg-bmq before. In order to display the CPU power consumption in MangoHud, I have to open GOverlay and enable "Fix for power draw on intel CPUs". Yes, the tooltip says "intel", but it works with my AMD CPU.
But when I use linux-amd-znver2, it doesn't work :frowning_face:

(2) I got this error when calling paleofetch:

> paleofetch
paleofetch: unable to retrieve login name
> paleofetch --recache
paleofetch: unable to retrieve login name

It's been discussed before. But as you see, I still got the same result with paleofetch --recache.
uname works well though:

> uname -r

Hi there, welcome to forums.

Try using neofetch. Maybe it fixes
But am not sure.


Hi @yaliv fellow Indonesian :smiley:
My old laptop is using AMD processor and I'm using 5.11.12-zen1-1 and it's running smoothly for everyday use either for work, gaming and virtualbox.

and welcome to the community :beers:


Do I need to manually download it to get the new tkg kernel if I am running on a install from the older isos?