Which dependancy is necessary to get the default colored neofetch output from terminal?

So recently my neofetch got uninstalled somehow and I had nothing to do with it. So I had to reinstall neofetch however the version I have running just outputs the Garuda eagle and everything else in yellow as opposed to red and multiple colors before. I want that setup back. What dependancies does neofetch come preinstalled with?

As regards dependencies, I think you can check directly with either:

sudo pacman -Si neofetch-git
sudo pacman -Si neofetch

I use paleofetch only because it seems faster, but still have neofetch-git.
Some hints on configuration I think could be found here (but it is a very long thread):

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I can't check because I don't have the old neofetch configs anymore.

To check the dependencies (dependant packages) you don't have to have the package installed.
I see you lost your configurations, so you'll have to do them from scratch, so I thought the link might help.
For sure someone using the neofetch can provide more information.

Thats kind of the problem. I have no idea what was being used. I assumed it was neofetch because the terminal would show you don't have neofetch installed as stated here.

Edit for calrification this is what I have now. I want the old stylized logo back.

Ok I found out I was using paleofetch all this time instead of neofetch. Because I got the stylized garuda logo when I entered paleofetch in terminal. Do I just put it back into bash.rc to get it to show everytime on terminal?

Hmm this is interesting. Seems my fish config changed somehow. I opened up the config file and where the comment clearly says paleofetch I found neofetch instead.

## Run paleofetch if session is interactive
if status --is-interactive
   paleofetch <== This was neofetch before I edited it

Edit: While this is the solution I would still like someone to help me find out what happened during that update (post linked above) to prevent it again.

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