What games do you play on Garuda?

Insurgency: Sandstorm even though it's crippled by EAC. I play on my own heavily modded -NoEAC servers called Olympus INS if anyone's interested in joining. Sandstorm runs just as well as it did on Windows (proton experimental).

No Man's Sky runs well for me also.

Will have to test out my HOTAS in Elite: Dangerous soon. :slight_smile:

Edit: Elite Dangerous and my Thrustmaster T.16000M HOTAS work flawlessly. I could not be in more love with Garuda!


I love this thread. I need cool games to try. I got a Minecraft clone called Craft and it looks good, but I don't understand Minecraft even after watching a couple of videos. I just don't get it. I saw one in the post install options list called Xonotic and I've been playing it some. It's a good job on a Multiplayer 1st Person Shooter much like Unreal Tournament.

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Check out Lutris. It's good for helping you play games on linux without much hassle, if any. I've played many Blizzard games via Lutris.


MGSV is the best.

What if my games were out of steam? How can i run non steam games using protondb

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I play:
Counter Strike:Global Offensive
7 Days to Die
Death Stranding
The Witcher 3
Final Fantasy XIV
Magic the Gathering Arena
Neverwinter Nights
Baldur's Gate 3

And I got TERA to run like, 3 times. Makes no sense to me what it wants. I think it's the launcher being a butt to be honest.
On my wishlist to play are all those EAC games my friends are playing. Be my hero, Valve.


Just to note, here are some free Epic Games available...

Free Epic Games

Speed Brawl
Free Now - Sep 23 at 08:00 AM - Platinum on Protondb.com

Free Now - Sep 23 at 08:00 AM - Platinum on Protondb.com

The Escapists
Free Sep 23 - Sep 30 - Native on Protondb.com






Free beta access with Playtest

  1. Go to the eXpanSIM store page
  2. Click "Add to your wishlist"
  3. Click "Request Access"


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Steam: Age of Empires IV Technical Stress Test



Because Spine is completely closed source for now, and only seems to have a demo version via flatpak. It also seems that it doesn't support all games. Maybe keep your eye on the development of Orbital.

i have 900+gb of downloaded game installers on a 2tb external drive.

fallout 4 is one of my favorites and i got it working in fullscreen on Garuda in about 10 minutes of researching how to -F it to do so just a few minutes ago.

it ran immediately off a tertiary SSD where i have it among other games installed from windows 7 - just in a window.

i experience graphical stuttering every 3-4 seconds in fullscreen as my toon runs around, but this is expected as i'm running Garuda off a sata2 interface so the data throughput in the OS is seriously constricted for anything with large texture sizes.

i'm certain this will be remedied after i swap sockets to sata3 and perhaps some minor tweaking.

my machine is over a decade old in the hardware, but i can play Control in windows 7 on this i7-3770k and gtx 660 sli system @ 25-30 fps, which is just good enough to prevent eyestrain lmfao =-)

:edited to compensate for my objectively failed pre-post dyslexic-check edit:


i7 :slight_smile:

Runs with me also still very good and has me, until July 2021, always kept me from buying something new :slight_smile:


yeah i'm a dyslexic typer >.>

thank you! =-)


I am a copy and paste man :slight_smile: :wink:


i have a 10 year old mechanical keyboard so even ctrl-v will give me sicdexlia >.>


I thank you for the suggestion, but I guess my GPU is too old. Lutris says I can't mess with it with my old nvidia-390 driver and I'm lucky to use that...the latest supported was 340...lol....it's a Quadro M1000....


Dota 2/ Path of Exile / CS:Go / FFXIV / Fallout 4 / (new world once the anti-cheat gets fixed :stuck_out_tongue: )

Also, you can check the protondb site for all the games supported by proton in steam which works really good and overall shows a broad spectrum of games available that work right out of the box. However, these are just steam games. Not saying its the end all be all but just a good visualization.

Update: Also to add lutris just dropped the update for Epic Games Launcher will launch games via steam today so i am sure that will followed with some really good titles as well.


Final Fantasy XIV

Football Manager 2021

Going to try Guild Wars 2 during the week when I get a chance with their new Dx11 gfx beta mode, will see how it goes.


Doom Eternal

My laptop is about to take a liftoff when I play. Them fans man...

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i play Cities Skylines and MOH:AA (Medal of Honor Allied Assault).

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