What games do you play on Garuda?

Go into your …Baldur’s Gate 3/data folder and look for ‘PsoCache.pak’ and remove it. Then use the BG3.exe (DX12) and everything should be kosher with Vulkan and work.


It worked! Thank you so.


I think, you can play probably any relevant PC game using latest Wine and not even a dedicated graphics card other than Intel integrated GPU. (I am playing on “low settings” for demanding games, as long as it reaches 30fps and simple HD upscaled to screen size it is fine for a former console gamer like me.)

I am only buying from GOG, because they respect user rights better, and I had no problems with any Windows game I played yet thanks to Garuda’s cutting edge software (Ubuntu on the other hand always had outdated and non-working software packages).

I only had problems with one/two Linux native games yet, Psychonauts in particular. E.g. it did crash at specific cutscenes when the German language was set. I fixed the issues by myself (filename case, controls issue with touch-on-keys-capable keyboards) and few days ago I reported the solution to the customer support.

I am using Heroic Games Launcher which works better than Lutris for me. It updates my playtimes (and probably achievements) on GOG by default.

Gaming on Garuda works great, albeit I feel urged to use my deeper computer understanding in isolated cases. I will leave reviews on the GOG’s game page when I finish games.

I play “Indivisible” natively on Garuda Linux and wow this game works like a charm, is easy to use and so much fun from a gameplay and graphical perspective.


Iv been running Garuda on both my custom build at home and my gaming laptop for 3 years. Mostly steam titles, alot of eve online, valheim, fallout, the witcher, stellaris, Age of Empires, Halo and others. :smiley:

I’ve had a mod move a reply I made the other day over a new thread so I edited it into showing what games I’m trying

So far I’ve successfully played Genshin Impact using the Heroic launcher, no problems so far, and Doom Eternal with its vulkan shadders from Steam native with latest compatibility mode on, for proper ProtonDB.

I have videos and even a live stream :blush:

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Been playing Old World a bunch lately, i really like it. Haven’t really played a 4x since Civ 4, but this has it’s teeth in me. I think it’s the best 4x i’ve played.

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TES: Morrowind with OpenMW, just bought it on the GOG sale. Any gamers have some suggestions or recommendations for a first time player?

While Ubisoft get a lot of slack from the community…

Lutris - > Ubisoft Connect works very well.
Connect might need some tweaking before its installed properly.

I recently ran these.
Tom Clancy: The Division 2
Assassin’s Creed: Origins

Both work great.

So it seems most if not all Ubisoft games are going to run well on Linux.


Unless you want to play R6 forget it but that doesn’t mean you cant advocate with us!

Battlefield Hardline,
Counter-Strike 2,
Deus Ex,
Dirt Rally,
Engine Evolution 23,
Escape Academy,
Fast & Furious,
Football Manager 2023,
Governor of Poker 3,
GTA IV Complete Edition,
Madcar GT,
NFS MW 2012,
NFS Rivals,
NFS Payback,
Football Life 24,
Red Chaos,
Rocket League,
Striker Manager 3,
United Football,