Unable to connect 5Ghz Wifi

I am unable to join or connect my 5Ghz wifi in Sony Vaio vpech35N laptop.

Please help.


and post

inxi -Fxxxza

as text! Even if you personally think it is unnecessary.


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Hi, welcome to forums.
Use search function before posting.

See if it helps


Hi there.

Suggestions were given to you, and a moderator requested you to post outputs when you opened your help request. You have not responded in any manner since asking for assistance.

When suggestions are given and outputs are requested it is incumbent upon the OP to provide this information and ferdback in a timely manner or your thread will be deemed abandoned.

I like to keep the networking section clear of abandoned posts that are left dangling. Otherwise, we simply get a bunch of new users tacking on "me too" to old stale posts that likely aren't even a related issue.

As such I am putting a one week countdown lock on your thread for you to respond and provide the requested outputs. Two weeks should be more than sufficient time to reply to any request for outputs for most anyone requesting assistance.

If your thread has been locked and you wish it reopened then please PM another moderator to reopen this thread. I am no longer accepting PM's from users as some users have abused this system and I no longer accept PM's from members.

If your issue has already been resolved, please revisit your thread and provide an update so that other users know how to fix a related problem in the future. Please do not open help requests only to abandon them and not provide some form of closure to your thread. Even if you simply gave up on your issue you should do the courteous thing by replying to your own help request and let others know that you no longer require assistance.

It's just the courteous thing to do, and helps keep our forum neat, tidy, and organized for users to find solutions easier.


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