Settings often vanishing upon reboot

I am facing a weird issue here.
So I made some changes to plasma (basically appearance changes) and to the dock below (removed some icons, added some). Now sometimes when i log in they remain and most of the time i log in, those changes just vanish.
It is getting really difficult to work like this.

Also, after installing garuda, i am noticing that my laptop is heating up very fast, it is not even 4 months old and it is not getting heated on other distros

My configuration is :
12 gb ram
Ryzen5 3500U
Radeon vega 8 graphics
240 gb ssd + 1tb Hdd

Welcome redutkarsh :wave:

That's two issues - be better to post them separately :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you searched the forum? I seem to recall solved threads on both.

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please :slight_smile:
and post

inxi -Fxxxza

as text!

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To test if the changes are altered and which ones between boot/login, copy all ~/.config/ to a backup and diff them after next login.

mkdir -p $HOME/Backup/config
cp -R  $HOME/.config/* $HOME/Backup/config/

Are you logging in with your user each time, or are you logging in as the Guest user?


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