Pamac workaround - no fix?

To make pamac working again you have to add the in the /usr/lib folder.

  1. download libalpm rpm package from this link
  2. extract file /usr/lib64/ from rpm package (open as archive) to home folder for example
  3. copy file to /usr/lib/ of your system sudo cp ~/ /usr/lib/
    source: [archlinux] pamac cannot be build against libalpm 13 provided by pacman 6.0 (#1047) · Issues · Applications / pamac · GitLab
    Is there any fix in sight ???

Read on gitlab and other threads, please. Developer is busy.

No need for dirty workaround, use pacman, paru ...


In times like that many people will wonder that there are no updates special the newbies. And those updates contain security updates - so this issue is realy not very user-friendly or friendly to newbies.

You do not state if you have applied this successfylly and tested it is working as normal and how is this newbie-friendly.
Have you done it??

IIUC this will either not work (as it is described), or will break all other package managers, including pacman.

So, don't propose things irresponsibly, please, or provide more info.


What times?

Why no updates?


A newbie should learn at least how to use pacman. Garuda is extremely user friendly but it's still an Arch based distribution.


If you're going to do this, why not use the libalpm package from the Arch Linux Archive rather than a package for a completely different distribution?

Edit: This gives me an idea... Libalpm12 for Pamac - Community contributions - EndeavourOS


Thousands of users dependent upon what some see as a critical component, but the developer doesn't have the time "ATM?"

Better be giving birth or otherwise laid-up IMO, or pass on maintenance to someone else who has the time to do it "ATM."


@c00ter Do remember, that the developer is probably working in his free time as a labor of love, and perhaps he is having problems paying his rent, or his wife just had a baby. Remember, the mantra, be grateful for the free labor when it comes.
And as you well know, there are certainly work arounds (like pacman).

My guess is pamac has to be retooled a fair bit, because of the pacman6 changes. After all there is also the pamac-cli part of it.

But that's just my untechnical guess.

I'm pretty sure it was sarcasm. I don't think @c00ter cares so much if he has to use pacman -Ss for a week. And the dev's wife didn't have a baby. We were talking a couple days ago about how annoying (I think) update notifiers are on a distro that literally always has updates. And when I antiquated it to how my wife constantly nagging me there's dishes to be done - he admitted there's no wife. . . or anything. He's just busy. And while it may or not be a nice tool, sometimes in life you gotta make due. It's NOT an imperative tool. It's actually astounding the reverberation across the various Arch based distros how many people can't exist without this thing.

Anyway, if anyone needs a pamac workaround, I would suggest searching using: or Arch Linux - Package Search, and if you need to know if there's updates available try pacman -Syu

Yeah, the sarcasm icon is missing, but I thought it was out of character for him (c00ter).
I agree, it's fairly low importance (to me) and definitely a layer 3 tool (not core os, not even first level utility, but fluffy meringue on the top).

Do you want me to add this Pamac dependencies for now?


If you can do that then it would fix work around the problem for Garuda users at least...


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Abandonware is what we used to call such stuff. :wink:

I'm pretty sure it was crabbiness.

Am I the only person not allowed to be crabby? :crab: :crab: :crab: What would all of my friends--er, friend--think?

Besides, this whole Pacman stuff has me a bit amused. You'd think Chicken Little had come home to roost. :wink:


If Pacman cannot find the package I want, I look in Pamac for the correct spelling.
Now there are two more mouse clicks to research in the Archwiki.
I. E. I personally can do without Pamac completely.

If the problem in Garuda were eliminated, it would be further proof of the uniqueness and special dedication of the developers. :+1:


Nope, no one on the forum is allowed to be crabby.
Well maybe @SGS, he does it well.


I can just about envision the icon he'd make over that comment. :wink:

Oh! Before I forget, Octopi, Octopi-git, and Octopi-dev have all been updated in regard to Pacman 6. And, you realize, the update to Pacman 6 was a known thing. It's not like developers of these utilities didn't know that or should have. :wink:

:crab: <--my birth sign :wink: