Off Topic Chit Chat - (Silliness factor 5)

I (luckily) had this tablet from 2014 (Galaxy Tab 2) with unlocked bootloader, so everything was good except me being paranoid about something that I also call EXPERIMENTAL :rofl:
Rooted it with One-click root method, installed TWRP APP, flashed recovery, and then flash ROM :joy:

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Point taken.


You’re lucky. I stopped rooting devices when I bricked a Compaq iPaq handheld installing trying to install a Linux ROM. I think it was maybe 2003?
:brick: :sob:

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What you call news, others would call advertising. They do not contribute to supporting our distro, so we will do likewise.

You may call it censorship, others would call it sensible removal of spam. :grin:

Spam is not good for you, I’m just looking out for our users wellbeing. :wink:


You’ve seen or read the Harry Potter series by now, right? If not, then do.

Here in the Garuda Forums we do not talk about The Distribution That Shall Not Be Named.

Those swirly things in green black robes scare me.


I see :sweat_smile:
You mean Voldomort!
Yes I have read as well as seen the movie…

But Severus Snape was good after all.
Not every Slytherin is bad…

I am Harry Potter


Linux For Dummies

Explain this to a 3 year old. What the hell is tex in Linux/unix etc?

tex could either be…

Latex is probaly the one i ment. What is it… explain it like am 4 years old

I can’t. I’m not 4 years old. :rofl:

Latex is often used by professional writers and documentarians to produce/edit documents. Simple enough?

EDIT: TeX - Wikipedia

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Thanks, I see things like texLive, texCalc… I don’t know if they are related, but I have never known how to use them

In I dunno how many years, I’ve never used it. And for 35 years I wrote highly specialized professional documents for a living. :smiley:

SEO docs?, I’ll try learn Tex… but at this point in my life I don’t see the point :joy:

NOoooo! I was a real property analyst & appraiser, as a private entity and a government employee, both. But not at the same time. :smiley:

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Just like markdown exists (something you already use in forum) to make paragraph editing easy this is a language to help you write long mathematical equations in beautiful aesthetically pleasing manner.


BTW, you can even use html format to reply here, if you don’t know :grin:

@Ankur & @SGS >> was this solved or? I see it as closed despite facing it

Just update and see :slight_smile:

But seems so
“Arch fixed the issue, they updated the packages in Extra.”


Since ya’ll quite —> lets break the silence with a stupid question :new_moon_with_face:

  • Latte Dock
  • Cairo Dock
  • Plank
  • I am weird, I build my own widgets department
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N.b I love old school docks like cairo dock and object dock. :new_moon_with_face: Old school peeps were flashy and creative. New docks just seem boring to me.

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Phaaaah! “Old school peeps” my rear end. We were too busy trying to get video drivers to work. We walked 12 miles uphill, both directions, in a blizzard…

I’m OG. I’m happy with a Panel I can move around & play with. :smiley: