Off Topic Chit Chat - (Silliness factor 5)

I need no dock. We Windows users as much as we hate it still prefer a SINGLE BAR on top or bottom :rofl:
I did try to put up with dock in KDE but nah. Even in GNOME I don’t use the Dash-to-dock extension anymore.
(I better not :poop: about Win because 5-6 days ago, my Garuda laptop display said a big F YOU to me and guess what I’m using to type this now… What went wrong? I suspect its the hinge.)


You know my family had a single laptop sony viao shared by us all it came with windows 8 stock. My father got some IT guy to install a pirated version of windows 10 on the machine around the time I was gearing up for college exams.

I don’t remember why but I was following some guide that made me boot into a windows powershell yeah not it’s GUI environment but it’s powershell kinda like how we can boot into a TTY it had a

X :>

prompt like this. I ran some commands there that were supposed to make the Administrator account visible and allow me to sign in as Administrator instead of the user account I had. Think of it like how we create user accounts on linux and have a root account that we can’t login in to. Yeah windows allows us to login to the system GUI as root right from the lock screen.

I did whatever I wanted and then reverted the changes so that the Administrator account was hidden from the lock screen again.

This whole process had a small side effect of sorts. Now I had a Administrator folder in the Users directory despite me reverting everything. I went ahead and deleted it… permanently with shift+del. I am a big boi seat belts are for kids (yeah don’t learn from me I still have this habit and have been burnt several times including once where I deleted a 1TB family photo HDD with no backups… fun times :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ). :eyes:

After deleting this folder I could no longer do any activities that required admin privileges. For example installing new apps would show the pop up for requesting admin privileges but the actual buttons to grant the permissions were missing… Yeah all of this 3 days before my exams and this is during 2020 COVID lockdown so I need this only family laptop to work for me.

Yup I have had some really interesting moments in my life. :smile_cat:


I have deleted 32 GB of my family photos actually I am not that far from you .
I was a kid at that time
just somehow I was able to recover majority of the photos through photorec like things through linux

And this is this laptop in which I did all that fun. And yeah, childhood feelings of how shitty things I have did with this laptop is attached with it . :slightly_smiling_face:

Just next time deleted mistakenly the the boot partition of windows and linux at same time when I was in 7th grade :skull_and_crossbones:

luckily I had pendrive booted with linux


I have…

  • Blown-up a monitor trying to configure the scan rate while installing a GUI for Linux when kernel 1.0 released.
  • Bricked a Compaq iPaq hand-held PC trying to root it for Linux, circa 2003
  • Killed-off an aged Netbook testing a 32-bit XFCE for The Distribution That Shall Not Be Named.

When I die I want to be terramated in an IBM LinuxONE III mainframe case. Fill 'er up!

Terramaton==Human Composting, a “return to the earth.”


There was an other subreddit where they posted the same graph but someone had an explanation about what MAY be contributing to this figure in comments:

  1. You may know something called TATA Class Edge. My school had a projector with this loaded on it. It’s basically a A/V format for education. It has videos, games, MCQ quiz etc. Apparently they load Ubuntu on it these days. And they are present in many schools apparently. Well, the ones we had were Win 7 ones :sob:
  2. Then another reason was something the guy personally did. He said he helped three of his friends install Linux on their old machines and almost had a fourth one too :joy:

I cannot find the link to this subreddit tho :slightly_frowning_face:


Hmm… It is still much interesting BTW

If it is true then I would might be able to get a linux preinstalled laptop after this laptop which has got it’s some of the parts broken and now I am not able to close the lid :sweat:

Currently not able give it to for repairing because it is needed everyday for me for my studies (yeah everything is dependent this laptop) :sweat_smile:

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BRUH! :sob:
Are all laptops delicate?

Nah!!! it had served me since around 2016


My school had those Tata’s projectors with Ubuntu installed…
While most of which I saw were Ubuntu, but there were some Win 10 as well…

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Android has already long disabled this protocol… That was the whole reason why linux kernel maintainers decided to just have it in mainline kernel as well. Due to the security issues and “since android is already doing it and no one’s affected that should mean it’s all good right?”

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Shouldn’t the software thing I posted above be in the news section?
Or should I post such stuff here.
It is not news but I posted it there so that everyone could have a look… Something that might be good to know, maybe not chit-chat… :sweat_smile:

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This is something that might be suited for this thread


For now, we learning just for marks and certification. :skull:

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Yeah that was a mistake

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Learning how I learn, has been one of the greatest breakthroughs of my life. You can go anywhere from there. Anywhere.

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Quick question? The CPU is at 7%, but all the CPU readings showing 0.0… Am I bad at reading htop or?

P.s: I sorted everything by CPU

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You must have sorted it in ascending order.
Try sorting it in descending order; there will be an option.

Now that you mention it, I think i set it up badly. Top seems to give me accurate readings

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I never know where to post this questions, so this is where I vent…

Quick question, is it really that hard for people to find you over the tor network?
I know how to install it use it, but what I want is the juicy technicals

what makes a message sent over tox for instance harder to trace than one sent over a couple of proxies and VPN’s

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