Obs taking microphone as speaker

I use USB Headset (Fantech HG11). I don't understand the audio settings properly. in playback devices, if i choose the profile 'analog/digital stereo + mono input' I can use my mic and headphone. but if I choose 'mono input' or 'analog/digital output' I can use it only as a mic or a headphone. (Explain this)
so i chose digital stereo output + mono input. I can hear everything clear, other can hear me clear. That;s alright.
But while i use OBS for recording or streaming, desktop output does not take any computer sound, it takes my mic.

  1. mic muted physically : no voice + no desktop audio
  2. desktop audio + mic both enabled : hear me twice
  3. desktop audio enable, mic disable : hear me like as if I am in some network issue
  4. desktop audio disable, mic enable: hear me

youtube: 2021 11 19 10 11 05 - YouTube
inxi -faz thing: Carrot inxi -faz

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hello world

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well those wireplumber didn't work for me, i switched to pulseaudio. everything is just fine.

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