NEW iso v/s UPDATED iso!

Hi, i saw that many bugs have been fixed in this new release
and also heard that updating old iso is not equal to exact as installed new iso
But is it so??

(might be too silly question, but its usefull for me as its saves me lot of time to setup new again:)
btw am using kde gaming.)

because right now i have updated but still experience same as old in terms of performance.

Won't make much difference if you update whole system.

There is a bit difference but I don't think it is worth reinstalling whole os.

For complete changelogs Garuda Linux "Hawk Eagle" (210225)


yeah i saw the changelogs,
btw my issue was system load latte-dock and whenever i open large application all blur effects will be replaced with colours, were major and some other (which still didn't fix :frowning: )

Depends how old your install is really. If it is a recent install then it's hardly worth it. If the install is from last summer or before then maybe it would be worth it. There have been a lot of major changes since last summer that some won't be able to be integrated automatically. Some (but few changes) you would need to do manually. Changes to the partition scheme are not trivial to do post install, so if you have a very old install it might be worth getting all the recent changes integrated with a fresh install.


last fresh install was on feb 1st week

I still run Black Eagle, but I have the latest ISO and tested it, but found not enough to do a fresh install.

I'll still keep updating the USB to the latest ISO's until 'the time', then I'm sorted.

Regular backups make this way easier.


well if so please let us know here, if it worth reinstalling anytime in the future
because i heard latte-dock is way smoother n stable and system performance too (which i actually need)
but if i get anybody help me do all these updates in here itself then i would be thankful :slight_smile:

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But is you update its hawk eagle so you don't run black eagle anymore.

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My point exactly :slightly_smiling_face: It's the B.E. ISO, but regularly updated. That said, I am mindful of @tbg posts above - not all is updated to present system, unless I install certain apps, etc. Example being Librefox.

Edited for clarity and extra info.

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well apps are not my issue, i can live out here, but all i want is performance which i mentioned above

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The most major change that would not affect you unless you have a much older system installation was the changes to the system partition scheme. This wouldn't necessarily give you any performance increases, but the new partition scheme saves wasted space when storing system snapshots.

That was certainly a major change but the bulk of Garuda users probably installed their system after those changes took place.


Many thanks @tbg - it is clear now. My system is up to date, just the package list is not the same as latest release.