New Firedragon version!

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

After being frozen on version 119, Firedragon now has an entirely new base, is ready for testing and actually being used!

You may remember the old Firedragon was based off of Librewolf project, which is based on Firefox non-ESR.
The new Firedragon version is based on Floorp source code which is based on Firefox ESR.
Why ESR? For added stability and less maintenance while still benefiting from Security updates.

Floorp is very customizable, as shown here. It is also very secure and fast (we expect 5% to 10% faster than previous Firedragon) based on some benchmarks seen. I personally have felt faster processing overall, which makes the experience better.

Floorp has a great UI where most of the features are listed and easily accessible.

A few features we’ve included:

  • Rounded Page corners!
  • Revamped Firedragon logos! (many thanks to @SGS)
  • Hidden Navigation buttons instead of being greyed out when they are inactive
  • Floorp’s customizable Sidebar (which can be disabled by user)
  • Centered text in TABs, URL bar and Bookmarks bar
  • Possibility to use Vertical TABs (Floorp’s feature disabled by default but can be easily turned on)
  • Spoofing Chrome on Windows (through Floorp’s User Agent switcher)
  • Inclusion of Fastfox’s tweaks
  • Inclusion of Smoothfox’s tweaks
  • Added some PBMode Security and the latest Fingerprinting (FPP ToDo: diffs FF111-FF112 · Issue #1661 · arkenfox/user.js · GitHub) on top of the already existing Fingerprinting Firedragon has been providing

The current package offered is 98% working. It may not be 100% polished out or may contain features in the end will be disabled. This is why it’s important we get feedbacks: so we can find the best balance. :smiley:

Firedragon’s gitlabs are now located here:
Main settings



It is strongly recommended to start the new Firedragon version from a fresh new Profile. There is a great risk that some preferences might get stuck when using the same profile as the old version and this can even lead to a frozen Firedragon that connect to Internet anymore.

Step 1

  • Close Firedragon, TAKE BACKUPS of ~/.firedragon folder and /usr/lib/firedragon/firedragon.cfg file

Step 2

  • If you haven’t done Step 1, DO IT! :rofl:

Step 3

  • Rename or remove ~/.firedragon/firedragon.overrides.cfg if present

Step 4

  • In Terminal, issue the command

systemctl --user stop psd

This may help preventing running issues when you launch the new Firedragon.

Step 5

  • Issue the command sudo pacman -U{version}.pkg.tar.zst by replacing {version} with whatever version is found in

Notice this will downgrade your Firedragon version, which is normal as we are following Floorp’s versioning, about 10 times smaller than Firefox. :slight_smile:

Step 6
In order to get the new logo in the Dock:

  • Delete ~/.cache/icon-cache.kcache
  • Log out and log back in

Step 7

  • Edit /etc/pacman.conf and add this line

IgnorePkg = firedragon

under [options] of GENERAL OPTIONS at the start of the file. This will prevent firedragon v119 to overwrite the new Firedragon next time you perform a system update.

Step 8

  • Verify if the installation process installed /usr/lib/firedragon.cfg.pacnew. If yes, use it to replace firedragon.cfg in the same folder. You should have kept a copy of that file in Step 1. I believe the pacnew file starts to show up when you upgrade the New Firedragon to a newer version, but not when you change from the Old Firedragon to the New Firedragon.

Step 9

Step Rollback
It’s always possible to go back to the old Firedragon using paru -S firedragon
Optional steps if you feel your rollback did not bring you to where you were before testing the new Firedragon:

  • Delete ~/.firedragon
  • Copy back the same folder you took a backup of in Step 1
  • Again to rollback the logo, repeat Step 5
  • Launch Firedragon
  • The file firedragon.overrides.cfg is currently not working at all.
    If you need to change the about:config settings through such file, the only good way right now is by modifying /usr/lib/firedragon/firedragon.cfg.
    This is bad in 2 ways:
  1. On every New Firedragon update, that file from the new package will be copied as firedragon.cfg.pacnew, even if there are no changes to the original packaged file on Garuda’s end. Since you manually applied changes to the file, pacman will detect it and create firedragon.cfg.pacnew from the updated package. Basically you will have to review if there are changes and if yes what they are so you can potentially manually apply them to firedragon.cfg.
  2. firedragon.cfg is a system-wide configuration file, therefore at the moment it is not possible to have a specific config file per user.
    2.1. You could also modify directly in about:config, but it is “possible” on the next launch your changes will get overwritten by /usr/lib/firedragon/firedragon.cfg. Try it to see.
    2.2 In some rare situations, you may need to delete ~/.firedragon/[PROFILE_FOLDER]/prefs.js. It is safe to delete it as it will be re-generated next time you launch the browser, but keep a backup of it just in case! I noticed in those rare situations some configs seem to be stuck in there, so removing the file and launching again fixed it.
  3. The default Search Engine gets overwritten by DuckDuckGo on first launch if you don’t start from the fresh Profile. For now you have to manually bring it back to whichever one you were using.

Once a “fresh” installation of Firedragon with “fresh” profile is made, it looks like this on first launch:

The Launcher in the Dock should look like this:

As a bonus

I am providing my own personal userChrome.css which slightly changes the UI.
The file should be available in the next update of garuda-dr460nized. You will find it in /etc/skel/.firedragon/chrome/ ready to be copied into ~/.firedragon/[PROFILE_FOLDER]/chrome/.

Changes are:

  • More visible NEW TAB and CLOSE buttons
  • Autohide CLOSE button when there are many many opened tabs which displays back on mouse hover
  • More visible background tabs on mouse hover
  • Slightly increased Font size in URL bar

This userChrome is more suitable for higher resolution screens, I believe it may may not look as good on lower resolutions, but if anyone tries it out I’d like to see screenshots. :smiley:

After installation of Firedragon, take the time to navigate through the new settings (Hamburger menu > Settings) as Floorp has added sections (left hand side of the Settings page) and settings within most of those sections.

Let us know your comments!


I have edited Post #1, it is possible to install the new Firedragon right now!

Updated Installation Steps and added 1 new Known Issues from above post.


Thanks, Installed, Setup, and looking and behaving great.


I’ve added Step 7 in Post #1, very important one actually that I missed. Sorry.


Been using it all day alongside Floorp honestly, it’s perfect. It will most likely replace Floorp for me as the main browser. I have to admit, it is much better than the old fire dragon. Basically night and day in performance as well.

(Edit, One thing I found is you cannot pull your Floorp profile over to firedragon not that I think many would try. It pulls everything over your settings, login, layout, and all that. But it stops being able to basically browse or go to any webpage.

You can, however, pull over your extensions and logins config.)


BTW, a little bit of UI glitch , when you click on addons to look at what add ons are then you move your mouse somewhere else then , the addons list gets a little squashed side by side


I can’t reproduce this and never experienced it in the past few weeks on other machines.

However I noticed you don’t seem to have executed the following:

There are some UI and feature glitches with this config set to TRUE. Make sure it’s either removed or set to FALSE. Seeing your screenshot I am 99% sure the setting is still set to TRUE.

Super!! Thank you!

Honestly anything Floorp-related migrated to FD wasn’t part of our goal, since we assumed very little of our community would be using Floorp. The goal was and still is to migrate from Old FD to New FD.

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There is one UI color scheme we could not get right, I am wondering if anyone knows how to change it. Could be something obvious we missed.

In the old FD, background page color, mostly those in Settings and Mozilla modules (History, Bookmarks, etc…) where almost black:

Based on Floorp, it keeps the color Floorp associated with that:

It’s not a big deal, however

  1. If Floorp ever changes this to something that does not fit with FD, it will break the look
  2. Being able to change that color and match the whole dark theme of FD would make things more consistent.

If anyone finds out, could you plz share?



Happy New Year.
Firedragon updated, looks nice.

All Good


Firstly happy new year to everyone!

The firedragon design update is marvelous - like it very much!
Keep up the work :metal: :penguin:


Happy New Year! thank you all for what you do guys, i hope for a better year for all of you <3


What is the Plasma Integration for, and how should I install it with the new firedragon?


Thank you

I installed the new firedragon, rebooted, and got the message that my profile could not be found. I tried reinstalling the old firedragon and got the same message.

I had to install chromium just to get back online again.

Give the output of ls ~/.firedragon please. I’d also try systemctl --user stop psd in case that interferes for whatever reason :thinking:


IMHO it is worthless and unnecessary.

Thanks, but I think I’m going to stick with chromium for now.

When I had to install chromium I hoped on bandlab and discovered that the functionality of their studio was handicapped when using firedragon. Since I use bandlab frequently, I’ll just stick with chromium since I get better functionality for that site.

Installed without problems.
I like the new features very much.
I’m not very convinced with the centered URL and bookmarks bar nor the disappearing buttons, maybe I’ll give them a chance but for now I’m content with setting those back to false in firedragon.cfg (I prefer things to stay put in their place).


This line doesn’t exists for me in firedragon.cfg

Something to do with the --in-content-page-background property in preferences-floorp.css

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The package isn’t used anymore you can remove it.

That happened to me once, out of over 20-30 installations. Something went wrong during the symlinking of the profile to its folder in /run/user/1000, or as stated by dr460nf1r3 with the PSD service.
Copying back the profile folder you backed up first and in terminal typing

firedragon -P

and then choosing the profile matching the name of your folder will fix the issue.

For example this folder matches the profile MAIN

You tried bandlab with the new Firedragon (v11.7.1) or the old one (v119)?

I don’t think they will stay, I start to find them annoying cuz they slightly re-align themselves on mouse hover, mostly the URL bar.

I wonder if the updated package copied the file as firedragon.cfg.pacnew. If that’s the case, it’s important I fix this.

What is the output of

ls /usr/lib/firedragon