New Firedragon version!

To everyone testing the new package.

There seems to be an issue with the Browser Name used for Profile-Sync-Daemon. This can cause your profile to be completely wiped out upon closing Firedragon (or rebooting the machine, can’t remember) .

To check whether you have the issue, type the following:

ls /usr/share/psd/browsers/

You should see the filename as follow:

.rw-r–r-- 554 root 31 Dec 2023 firedragon

If you see this:

.rw-r–r-- 554 root 31 Dec 2023 firedragon.

firedragon with DOT (.) at the end, then do the following:

Immeditately take a backup of your entire profile
systemctl --user disable psd
sudo mv /usr/share/psd/browsers/firedragon. /usr/share/psd/browsers/firedragon
systemctl --user enable psd
systemctl --user start psd

Then to validate all is right you should have no output in terminal after the above last command and

psd p

should return your profile info, location, size, options, etc…