My Own Garuda Linux Version

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Please cite sources. I'm interested in reading about it.

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The main problem IMHO is that some users don't want to learn anything new. Garuda is a super advanced distribution (for both new users and not), although it is perfect for new users who want to learn but I wouldn't recommend it for people looking for a completely out of the box system.

In the long run you must learn something or you're going to have some issues. So the real problem is the approach. It's Linux, not Windows. As a new user you should want to know new things, otherwise your experience is going to be painful and useless.

I never thought to Garuda as a bloated distro and I come from Slackware :slight_smile:
Everything is there for a purpose, you just need to know why but you can't do that if you don't go deep through the system and learn how it exactly works.

You said that removing things has broken your system. Well, that's why those things are there. You know what I mean? :slight_smile:


Here's what I'd attempt:

It's a basic Howto on building an Arch Linux Calamares Installer image, using Garuda


see sir i want to see garuda growing because it is the first distro of linux i liked the most and many people have only 4 gb of ram when i did a survey on internet so to suit their nneds we have to make a distro that is lightweight less ram consuming and cpu consuming without effecting its appererce so i make iit more simpler
why its is perfect for beginners
1: it looks alike windows
2: it has some useful apps such as i removed mpv and replaced it with vlc
3: it is free
in india when microsoft did a survey how many people used pirated windows it counted upto 65%
piracy is a wrong thing we shall not do that
my pc which has garuda linux in it has a proble i am trying to fix the problem as soon as problem fixes i will post the iso
i am not forcing you but i want the garuda project to continue and i want to collabroate with you
waiting for your reply
sorry for any typos

Where? What was your survey pool? Where are the results? How many were surveyed? Can you post a copy of the survey, I'd be interested in taking it.

Why do we have to? There's already a lot of distros who fit this? Why do you want Garuda to be like so many others? What's wrong with NOT appealing to everyone? Maybe the goal of Garuda is not to be #1 on distrowatch, and just be the best Garuda Linux possible?


We not

No, librewish and me want the opposit.


VLC good times are over

You can't forcing us. We want stop the Garuda style.
As I wrote, make your own Distribution.


We don't want to stop the Garuda style. :wink: