My Own Garuda Linux Version

i have made my own version of garuda linux based on dragonised edition if you could see that then i would be a bit happy
by the way i am a long time arch linux user and recently switched to garuda


The more the merrier :relaxed:




i dont know how to install calamares installer
if you could help then i would be able to send you the iso

in that iso it runs well on a computer with specs of
4 gb ram
2.20 GHZ cpu

Calamares doesn't create isos. For creating a custom one you can use build-iso (install garuda-tools first) with a custom profile


which software

I guess if you has to ask that there is a problem understanding what a distro is.

Just trolling?

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no seriously

distro is a distrubition
of linux

Its nice to see people picking up the work we have done :slight_smile: However I wonder how you "made your own version" when you obviously didnt know about Garuda tools. We cant teach the most basic things. I would suggest you to have a look at our GitLab, especially the garuda-tools as they are the tools used to build our isos.


thank you
i will post the link of iso in about 3 days and i will send you the download link

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Post your link (gitlab) to source code too, I will never install any ISO that does not have my trust.


as your wish
i did not write any source code and compiled it
i just did some tweaks and debloated it and made it simpler

heres a screenshot from the edition

what has changed
default browser
removed some apps
changed some settings of dolphin
sddm theme
grub theme

I don't see anything special there.
Except that I can hardly read the time.

You fit Garuda to your liking, it is not a new distribution.


can you tell what to change
its basicaly a lite version of dragonised
perfect for beginers for linux
it largely resembles windows
while garuda linux is already easy to use just made it more easy to use
so we can be one of the best OSes becaused garuda linux is the first linux distro that attracted me this much by its apperance and has many options to choose its desktop envormrnts
sorry for any spelling mistakes

This looks familiar :eyes:


What makes it perfect for beginners?

Is this why it's perfect for beginners?

I'm pretty sure that's not news to anyone here?

What takes 3 days? Is that how long it takes to create a good distro?


wtf is happening in this thread