My Own Garuda Linux Version

This thread is about creating new distributions. I think we should fork Garuda and create a distro with the True russian wallpapers set for our local community. This is the way we can make Garuda more popular amoung our brothers.


Just after Garuda Suckless. Or included? :thinking: :crazy_face:

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Ok, I've read your thread about Garuda Suckless
It seems to me that the Garuda is not compatible with Suckless (the philosophy of minimalism). It is designed to be as productive as possible and more user friendly than pure Arch, isn't it? I switched to Garuda from pure Arch because I was tired of minimalism and manual configs editing. It's time for smooth work.


well actually, minimalism doesn't prevent the simplicity of use. It depends on design. It's just a non-existent contradiction that is put into people minds by a couple of projects that do require hard work to use and maintain them. My main focus right now is on explaining how things work in Linux to prevent confusion and pain that some users experience when they start out.


but i atleast debloated a lot and changed the default browser from firedragon to brave

heres a video about startup shutdown and icons sddm
any suggesions would be apprecated

Noooooo not brave.


se it taked months to do it not only 3 days i was doing it from months nearly three

why not brave

Privacy. thats why.


Brave is alright, the question is "why not Firedragon?"


i see firedragon includes extension like bitwarden etc and many people dont like the user interface

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begginers think that these packages are bloat and their first experience goes bad

does brave effect ur privacy as per to my sources it doesnt effect ur privacy

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There is nothing as bloat to a beginner

Only experienced user think that
What they don't know or use is bloat


KDE Barebones is what it looks like, but with a bland-looking eagle.


kde barebons has no support and many packages break in it

sir i understand that beginners dont think of it as bloat but when theyopen the application launcher they have no idea what is qt assistant pulseaudio equliser

when i too was a beginer i removed all the default packages which caused the OS to break

you can think of it as kde barebons with some packages preinstalled a bunch of themes and tweaks