RANT: Reduce the default packages in Garuda

Funnily enough, progsreiserfs is not the same as reiserfsprogs :slight_smile:



609 kB , forget about :slight_smile:


This is fine.

I also appreciate that you've been using Garuda and active on the forum for a while, so you've definitely done the right thing in seeing how the OS works!

I think the next step, then, is to identify the specific ways it can be improved, rather than making more general points. "Less bloat" and "more performance" are hard to disagree with, but how would those be implemented?

Therefore, perhaps it would be a good idea to start something like a "special interest group" (SIG) to specifically look at one aspect, investigate, and then to produce some suggestions?

Start a thread in #development which has a narrow focus, e.g. "what software is included that isn't needed", and work from there. In that example, you could look at the included software and identify why it is installed, whether it's useful (e.g. as you say, resierfsprogs probably isn't that useful for a distro that defaults to BTRFS, and it's easily installed by people who need it), and then identify examples that can be safely removed. Whether you do this for all editions at the same time, or look at one at a time, is up to you.

There may be other foci for other SIG, but keep each SIG narrow to make it easier to manage and easier to produce actionable suggestions.

LANG=en pacman -Si reiserfsprogs | grep "^Required "
   # No result (exclusively installed)



IMHO it would be a good idea if limited to long term Garuda users/experienced ones. So like a private living room, not open to the whole public and with the only purpose to HELP the devs, not to complain about stuff. Maybe something like that already exists and I just ignore that :man_shrugging:


The #development category has some limits on it already: brand new users (TL0) can't post, basic members (TL1) can reply only, normal users and up (TL2+) can reply and create threads. Hopefully that will prevent too many immediate issues, but also the forum isn't that busy (yet) that threads would go unchecked.


The vibe of the garuda philosophy in my observation so far is "if you don't like it enough, change it, if it's cool enough, share it, if enough people want it, distribute it." And it seems to be working when done in that order.


I will look into packages on fresh vm's and make a list of what's probably not needed. I'll start from KDE's, so if somebody wants to help - try other editions


Btw, you can also start with package lists. They are auto generated list of all the packages. I hope you know how to find them.


I did notice when I installed Garuda a month or so ago it installed a ton of games despite me not checking any of their boxes. In fact a lot of applications in its list of recommendations got installed despite me not choosing them, leading to situations where I'd have multiple redundant torrent applications for example. And sometimes I'll still find a package I missed, like I just uninstalled Minetest the other day unaware it had been installed.

I feel at least the games shouldn't be getting installed by default in any edition. Sure, recommend them with the setup assistant, but unless I've set out to install Tux Kart I'm probably not going to want to download and install Tux Kart every time it updates.

You have installed the gaming version and are surprised that games are installed.


...yes. I would expect things like utilities, the alternate kernel, OBS, etc that make playing the games I actually play more convenient/performant/etc. Just installing random games I don't think is very appealing to most people looking into a gaming edition, even if offering a quick menu of free FOSS games is probably worthwhile. People on Linux looking at a gaming edition are probably expecting performance tweaks out of the box and things like replay sorcery, not 0 AD preinstalled when they don't even like strategy games. Hell, again I wasn't even aware Minetest was still on my computer, how am I supposed to be playing a game I'm not aware is on my install?

Like of the things that are probably 100% bloat, I think the games are a specific enough thing to not install without the user explicitly ticking a checkbox naming that specific game by name. I honestly had figured that would be a bug, as presenting a user with a checklist of utlities to install and then installing stuff that wasn't checked anyways is misleading.

It's hopeless, how can you please everyone without screaming free beer for all?

Even then some will come and say, no champagne?

As one said so nicely to @librewish in another forum, if you don't like what we do here, open your own forum and make your own distribution.

Here we are now and let you muck around with what we like. :smiley:


@Helmic, you are being presumptuous without the benefit of being knowledgeable, which weakens any argument you make.

For the benefit of everyone else... please allow me to make the observation that any of us running Garuda, are running the Garuda developers own desktops. They made it for their own benefit, not necessarily ours.

And we have the unmitigated gall to bitch?


I'm not really trying to bitch? I'm not trying to be hostile at all, but like I think there is a mismatch between what the setup assistant is implying (that only what you check will be installed) and what happens (a lot of games get preinstalled). In a thread about "bloat" I had assumed that would be a relevant concern. Sorta like how one doesn't really expect VLC Player to come with a selection of indie films, the media itself is usually chosen by the user.

Am I being confused for a previous poster here?


Solution is very simple, use

Garuda Linux Barebones

Garuda Linux Barebones is made for users who do not want extra software and functionalities and complain about bloat. It contains only the bare minimum of packages needed to get started. (You are on your own, we dont provide any support for Barebones editions!)

I find this discussion absolutely pointless.
It all goes round in circles and leads nowhere.


I would like you to prove that claim please. I'm pretty sure that this doesn't happen at all. :eyes:


If you want to know what else is preinstalled, open the program launcher in full screen mode. :grin:


Had you read to the end of the thread you'd have seen that the thread had moved on from complaining about it to doing something about it.

If you compile a list of software that you don't think should be included in an edition then you can post it somewhere for review.

However, "bloat" hardly applies when talking about default software that ties directly to the aims of a specific edition. The "games" edition includes a selection of games by default. If that is "bloat" then a multimedia production edition shouldn't include production software by default?


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