Microphone volume/boosts resets automatically

My microphone as a default is pretty low, so i boost it to 150%. But after some time it resets to 70+, 90+, 60+ etc. The interval time is random, there is no way to trigger it manually. it just happens.
Like even while i am looking at the settings it gets lower. sometime 1s, sometimes couple of minutes.

image (not important, just the panel from where i change it): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BPtN7YvkWb5mcOwXyyDZq2X8nvCn2k-o/view?usp=sharing
inxi-faz: Carrot inxi -Faz

i found this similar but no solution attached : here
and i also made a thread previously: here

in short: mic volume adjust automatically lower when i speak loudly, but doesn't adjust higher when i talk in low voice. it's a feature? i don't want it, i want my mic volume/gain fixed (at 150%)

how i examined: in facebook (on chrome) call, and voice message i raised my voice and it gets lower, i get more loud, gain gets lower. i crossed checked it multiple times. And i am sure about the cause.


Please, post your garuda-inxi

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whough it was already attached with topic, i linked with my reply again.

ive fugured out that somehow when i change my mic in pavucontrol to my internal mic, it still uses my external mic but less boosted and staticky