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I have integrated the idea with the shortcuts. :slight_smile:

The copy, copy, paste “error” annoyed me too, but I had already fixed it at the end of October 2023. :smiley:
As always, the rest is a matter of taste and can be easily changed, thanks to Linux. :crossed_fingers:

These testers are never up-to-date with a rolling release :wink:


Garuda Hyprland is now a bit more Hypr :grin:

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Already a solution is here! :rofl:
YouTube must be crying!


Google is pretty stupid to think they could pull a stunt like this against Firefox users and not get caught red-handed :rofl:


<rant>It’s like they (business relating to entertainment) can’t learn. Every attempt to get a death grip on controlling content has been subverted with little to no real wait. You’d think the spectacular failures of every attempt so far would open their beady little eyes, but jeez no.
This one is no different. How long was it from seeing it to having a work-around? About three or four hours? Yeesh.</rant>


Die, Android Chrome, die!


Firefox it is then…

Take care.

After these news… I know I am droping Chrome based browsers.

If your site does not support Firefox, I don’t need to visit it.
Any civil society would have an open source browser.

Very likely totally deplatforming Google. Its none of my business what they are good at or where they get their money from. I might use Google Bard at times, or you guys can rec. some open source alternative.


Anyone uses Google News?

Use Ground News or something else.

There are tons of alternatives…


Companies Like Google , Like Facebook, give you a contract you did not sign up to.

Do you do random contacts in real life with random companies, and say. “Hey Thats ok. I am fine.”

What these companies seem to expect… Ok well just change our 100+ pages of Terms and Conditions* every… year, every other month.

Ultimately, I am a slave to my habits like everyone else I guess, but I don’t need most of it and probably no one needs.

“Agressive targeting ads” “Hey heres your lend mindset traing 1000€ now 200€ goe and buy 20k € worth of products and testit on Amazon.”

Ultimately, no one is giving you anything. Most of this stuff isnt in your best interest. Most passive income, is very likely fake or is going to die out unless it runs via AI and solves unique critical problems real time.

What the Ads are mostly doing is looking for money or trying to sell a product. However… Good products seem to sell without adds too. Even Amazon review sites seems to work ok… Well, id rather look at more indepentent review but my point is the same. Good product sells itself. A bad product needs to be marketed everywhere. Marketing value is limited… imo.

Also another one with the “Ads” is… Everyhting that is abundant becomes “worthless” or free. So in many cases there isnt a business model for you or your product… Long story short… If I wanted to do something, I Need to go out there in RL and find problems to solve or new products and services to create.



I was but this YouTube thing opened my eyes! Now I am searching for open source alternatives for almost everything! Gonna soon move my files from Drive to Dropbox.

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Thank you so much! A lot better :smiley:

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BTW, why there is an agreement of terms and condition in screenshots ?

Never seen any T&C thing in a FOSS app till now :thinking:
It feels a little fishy to me ,
I will accept to use it in one term , it should have vim keybindings and should support lua config files for configuration :wink:
Maybe, still not as I won’t start using it before reading T&C :grin:

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well, we COULD just go with the fallback war… micro is better than nano which is better than vim which is better than emacs…

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