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I always enjoy sharing news articles so I think having a thread where we can post news is interesting.
I will go first of course.

the new update from nate on KDE plasma progress

The latest update on the progress of Plasma mobile.

This one is also huge, have been using it in Firefox dev - its quite a difference :smiley:


The big update from Pine64
for those of you who aren't aware Pine64 makes FOSS laptops, single board computers, tablets, smartwatches and is currently one of the few communities heavily pushing the Linux mobile eco system forward

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I am longing for foss phones since 7-8 months, but unfortunately, they are not available in India :cry:

Would like to buy them when they are launched here.

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that's sad here's a list of Linux phones that aren't 2 old
wasn't aware that pine64 wasn't available in India so the more you know.

Well, its not their mistake. Nobody except few would like to buy pinephones in India.
They offer such a low specs at high price.

If even they come in India, there would be very less buyers, because Samsung and many chinese brands offers much much better phones at same price.

Not advertising anything, but you can look at

Which is available at same price, as pine phone would have offered if they came in India.

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yeah I am aware there's better phones I use myself to check prices and comparisons on the best phone deals. But if we look at it from that viewpoint linux hardware is never worth it.
since there's always a better deal :slight_smile:


Wow, for the price that phone is a beast. Little light on the available RAM and storage at 6/64GB respectively but a 6,000mAh battery? 6.4" Super AMOLED Infinity U display (and being from Samsung, you know it's gotta be crisp)? 64MP camera(s)?

I'm sure it's a case of "the grass is always greener" but I've always been jealous of the phones that go to market in India that never see the light of day stateside. I'm an avid OnePlus fan and the same is true there, albeit to a lesser degree. I have a friend in India whom I've (somewhat) jokingly been bugging to act as a drop shipper for me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Well, I agree that smartphones and internet services are much cheaper in India than USA,

But processors and computer stuff, moniters and LED TV and such stuff is much cheaper in USA.

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I would say it's about time there's so many speed up things on firefox that are off by default on Linux. which makes Firefox look really slow while it isn't if you enable them.

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In fact its enabled by default in Garuda Linux :wink:


Apple lowers commission for the app store for small developers because we all know this totally isn't because of all the legal mess they are in lately totally not right :wink:

Whattttt is thissss!!!

Seems commical to me.


isn't that fun? Thanks youtube


Makes me want to run right out and create content for them.....

Latest KDE update blog from Nathan


I am baffled by this but also not because Walmart