[Latte Dock] The end of an era (designing a Latte-Dock free alternative dr460nized setup)

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

While running my usual daily kde-git updates, I noticed Latte dock became pretty much useless as all the dock launchers were gone due to a breaking KDE change.
The already posted news about development having ceased in conjunction with these breakages basically mean we need to find a working alternative to not have everyone's desktop suddenly break by updates one day since we can't be certain of things being fixed. For me, this feels awful as Latte was able to provide a somewhat coherent and beautiful desktop experience - the end of an era for sure! :frowning:

So.. what are the alternatives? There is not a single application able to provide the things Latte was able to provide. It is certainly possible to replicate the current setup aesthetically using Plasma panels, however, certain features will no longer exist.

Major differences and problems arising from this I noticed are:

  1. Different top bar colors:

  2. The best look / functionality I was able to achieve using Plasma panels:

  3. No way to set the same panels for all screens at the same time, nor being able to just copy the layout. This will be a major issue for multiple-screen users (like myself). Feasible would be a new wiki article about how to setup things like How to add dock & top bar to Dr460nized | Garuda Linux wiki

  4. Top bar can't be dragged to move windows anymore

  5. The sensitivity of the bottom Plasma dock is annoying for me personally when being used to Latte dock timings. The delay of hiding the dock is too low for me personally.

A short preview can be found here

To help test the new layout, install garuda-dr460nized-next, remove Latte, rightlick the desktop and select add new panel -> Garuda default dock/panel.

Feedback and improvements are warmly welcomed!


Oh boy oh boy good god no. :frowning: My system will not be cool without Latte! But on the other end nothing lasts forever.

Before anyone suggests an alternative, are there any docks that Garuda Team already outright tosses away?

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I am getting an error when trying to apply this theme--is this because I uninstalled latte-dock?

I guess I kind of thought removing latte-dock first would be correct, but then again maybe I am doing something else wrong.

I uninstalled latte-dock, then extracted the linked .tar.gz:

tar -xf Sweetified\ \(Plasma\ panels\).tar.gz -C ~/.local/share/plasma/look-and-feel/

I am trying to apply it from System Settings as mentioned.


There seems to be something wrong with the layout.. I'll post an update once I found the issue, sorry about this!


BTW :slight_smile:
I am missing something on i3wm?

</off topic>

I think it is Octopi, at least on my Dr460nized install which was installed back in June.


I got pamac :smiley:
System install date: 2021-11-30
Ahh, maybe if I remove my pamac and change to octopi it will use it ...?
Test needed.

I can not edit my post's :frowning:

But I got this :slight_smile:


OK, I change to octopi and welcome use it. Cool.
But pacseek is not included. No problem for me. :slight_smile:


Same for me, 2 times out of 3 it doesn’t work, the small pencil icon changes color (white in my case) but the edit box at the bottom doesn’t show up.

Sorry off topic but wanted to say I have the same edit problem as you.


I checked your video, can’t wait to test this, there are a few things I will immediately try to configure. But all in all from the preview it isn’t as bad as I expected. Although devil is in the details! :smiley:

(I see Garuda is on Mastodon! I searched for it yesterday and didn’t find it, will search more. Also it’s not referenced on the Start page. https://start.garudalinux.org/)


Yep, a pretty new thing which hasn’t been announced officially yet :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Sadly, yes. Still need to figure a few things out, eg. if doing multi-monitor presetting is possible and why the presets don’t apply :eyes: but it won’t be too bad :slight_smile:


Same here, seems to be a new bug introduced lately.

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On i3 and KDE, did we need it on welcome tool?
Somebody removed it from chaotic?

The repo got shut down.

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This is my initial configuration, starting from a fresh Garuda install on Wayland and fresh Plasma panels. Not too bad but the translucency on the top panel still shows a shadow I think there's a way to remove that.

Ha!! It has to do with Floating panel and Non-floating panel.
Floating panel will not show the shadow, probably a config thing.

Took a bit of effort to replicate my current main machine setup but once you know where to go it's acceptable. Although playing around with translucency implies some manual work the vast majority of users would not know. Well not through the path I took.

I still need to find how to make the icons zoom in on mouse hover and having a different icon Indicator (a Dash to panel on the right side of the icon of the left dock).


Sorry not a Latte fan, and from the amount of bugs it created I think the distro will be far more stable without it. I always use the standard KDE docks, no Latte for me.

If you look at the code for the configuration of the KDE dock you may be able to change the default time interval. I did this with Yakuake. The Yakuake GUI config options did not allow for altering the time interval to trigger the terminal appearing onscreen. I found in Yakuake’s code on Github the setting to alter the time interval. This had driven me crazy for ages as I’d searched for a way to change this countless times until I stumbled across it’s hidden configuration options on Yakuake’s Github pages. At least I think it was hosted on Github, my memory is going downhill with the prescription drugs I’m now on (and age catching up with me).


Yeah I think this would be one of the positive reasons to make the move to Plasma Panel/Dock. I think this better stability should be leveraged.
Although the deep configuration is still hidden, a lot of users who don’t know how to play with that will have a hard time getting accustomed to the Plasma Panel but this is a “down your throat” situation as we know Latte’s situation.

I wasn’t thinking at all about stabliity until your post as Latte has always been perfect for me, but now that you mentioned it I remember a lot of support topics open for Latte issues here! :slight_smile:

Besides, Nicco (the Plasma Panel dev at KDE) will most probably include more and more features with time so that we can benefit better.

You mean your weed? You know Trudeau has legalized that, no prescription needed no more. lolll


This git is the upcoming release of 5.27?
Meaning there are good chances Latte will break when 5.27 gets released?

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Git = latest commit, master branch builds :grimacing: and yes, that’s why I posted it early, it gives us some time to figure out how to deal with it :eyes:
Your layouts seem pretty nice :blush:

Yep, that’s the only good side effect lol!

Now that’s a pretty cool find, I haven’t got it to do yet. Definitely something to explore!


Up until about February 2023, yes.

Hehe danke! I will continue digging to add more of what I like about Latte, my goal is to daily drive Plasma Dock this week or starting next week. And see with time and daily usage what irritates me. Fortunately my requirements seem rather simple, that may save me down the road.

Now that I have found the SVGs I will explore more as well, although the “shadow” effect could give a nice touch if used on purpose for a consistent dock theme.