Suggestion: have an annoucement post about the migration away from latte-dock

Considering the influx of threads made that have issues around people using latte-dock still, I think having more visibility on this might help at least a little.
Whatever the reason being for it, either people not updating or somehow not taking account of the migration pop-up, it will be handy to have it posted I think.
Worst case scenario, if people are blind to the announcement too, it can easy be linked as a response.


We are close :tm: to a new major release which contains the announcement already, though I agree visibility is a great idea! I made the exact same observation as you :grin:


This sounds like a good idea for related questions, such as how to find the task manager in settings and help with how to perform quicklaunch bar tweaks (like auto-hide, if that is available).

Thanks to Garuda team for staying ahead of the curve - too bad KDE doesn't do translucent! :smiling_face_with_tear:

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You can do it 2 ways with 2 different types of translucency. One is native KDE, but it's not true translucency. The other is true, but requires a simple applet you download from the the ADD WIDGET panel. :smiley:

But this it off topic. Take a look in ADD WIDGET/DOWNLOAD NEW APPLETS or in The end of an era (designing a Latte-free alternative dr460nized setup)